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Vacancies in TOTAL  e & p Nigeria limited (TEPNG)

Website for this Vacancy:

1.      Field operation engineers

2.      Project engineers

3.      Geosciences and reservoir specialists

4.      Medical practitioner

Tips for navigating the website:
a.      If the page defaults in French, click on “english” at the top of
the page to change the language
Click on “vacancies” to open the search page
b.      From the “country” drop-down, select “Nigeria”, scroll to the
bottom of the page and click “search”. This will display all the
advertised vacancies in total e & p nigeria limited
c.      Click on the position you are applying for to view details on the
job description. You can then complete an online application form by
clicking on “apply now” at the bottom of the page
d.      You will be request to create an account if you do not have an
existing one, this is compulsory
e.      Please fill the form accordingly
f.      It is mandatory to cut and paste your resume in the space provided
in the application form
Your resume must contain the following details in the order listed:
i.      Surname, first name, other names (where applicable)
ii.     Date of birth
iii.    Contact address including road/street number only
iv.     Active email address
v.      State of origin
vi.     Local government area
vii.    Details of tertiary education: institution, degree obtained,
class of degree, period
viii.   Details of secondary education: institution, qualification, period
ix.     Details of primary education: institution, qualification, period
x.      Indicate your working/training experience, indicating your
employer, period and specific duties/courses/certificates starting
with your place of current employment
Note: no paper applications will be accepted and tepng will not be
responsible for any job vacancies placed outside the total careers
Mode of application
Candidates should visit our website at: for more
details information



  1. Helo!
    Iam edson jose luis,i live in cazenga-luanda for my parents, iam angolan.
    Iam 24 years hold,he from Bie province.Iam teacher,student, and actor.
    Mi phone number is 931174079
    I ned job because i dont heve monei for sustentatily mi universiti.
    Tat s

  2. A̶̲̥̅̊m̶̲̥̅̊ anurse seeking Fø̲̣̣я̅ Å̶̷̩̥͡ job with an oil company ♣ƭћǟπƙs♣ if ​ will Βε̲̣̣̣̥ considered.

  3. Iam Maria Albertina, in live Viana-Luanda for my parents, iam angolan.
    Iam 26 years hold,he from luanda province.
    Iam studenty university Agostinho Neto,curse the Contability is Auditory.
    My phone number is 939586983
    I ned job because i dont have money for sustentatily my parents.

  4. Pls sir am a fresh graduate from maritime academy of nigeria,oron. I major in marine engineering.pls i need a plum and elusive job. Tnx, am hoping to hear fr6 you soon.07038147495.

  5. sou portador de certificado da 12seguda em scienca biologica e geografia, tem 2 certificado de cablagem electrica e manutencao electria tem certificado mecanica ,agora trabalho com oiler na seabulk offshor luanda, na espera de uma resposta recebe as minha censera salutacoes obrigado. bernardo n. michi 00244923823285 918737138.

  6. well my name is gil Alexandre mario paulo i live in rocha pinto-luanda with my parents and iam 23 years hold, iam froom malang province iam teacher and estudant my cours at academic school is eng off crud( engenharia de petroleo) and , i make quimica in institut medio industrial of luanda (IMIL). I ned job for develop the company and my countre

  7. Goog (morning, afternoon or evening) i´m from Angola, i live here(Luanda) in Cacuaco township. I´m finishing my degree of licenciate in economy (4º year) in Agostinho Neto University faculty of economy. I´m needing a job to work in this company

  8. My name is Alice,i live in Luanda .(Rocha Pinto)iam 28 years old,and iam from luanda.At this momennt iam studying Comunication 3rd level of Independent University .In Academic i made chemestry.i have got others experiences in this Area.I heve course of Leader and Customer Service. And so i would like to work with you. thanks.

  9. I am a Nigerian,a graduate of History & International Relations.

    I am also H S E Professional. I need a Job in Total. Thank You

  10. i am hossein safaee/
    i am 32
    i am working in south pars gas complex
    i have a good experient in construction and mechanical maintenance in oil and gas refinery
    i am interested to improve my experient at forign countries
    my contact number :0035

  11. my name is Lando Garcia Pedro Iam 23 years old, aim young and since 2011 aim trying to get you so I would like to gave some opportunity to be withi you because aim infatuated with your works and I would like to help if you contact me my phone number is 923 099 398

  12. my name is Lando Garcia Pedro Iam 23 years old, aim angolan and since 2011 aim trying to get you so I would like to gave some opportunity to be withi you because aim infatuated with your works and I would like to help if you contact me my phone number is 923 099 398

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