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DFID Nigeria is responsible for managing the British Government’s contribution to development in Nigeria, with the objective of supporting governments at federal and state to reduce poverty in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

We are looking for bright and dynamic staff and is committed to becoming an education adviser working with both human development and DFID Northern Nigeria teams. He / she will provide technical advice and support to the education of a vast and exciting portfolio (five projects and growth) to improve outcomes for poor children in Nigeria, especially in the North where indicators of education show the greatest need.

We are seeking a candidate who will be based in Kano with frequent travel to Abuja and in the north. However, we also consider strong candidates based in Abuja, provided they can demonstrate their ability to work effectively in the North and we are ready for frequent travel.

Position: Counselor Education (in northern Nigeria)

Job Description / Duties:

This position is shared between the Office of Northern Nigeria, Kano and Human Development (HD) in Abuja team. The post holder will contribute to the development of strategies and outcomes valued by both Northern Nigeria and teams HD. He / she is an important member of both teams, who will join the efforts of team members to build high performance teams and happy.

The incumbent will be based in Kano, but should devote at least 50% of the first six months in Abuja to ensure intensive management, support and mentoring of counselors A1 and A2 based in Abuja. The incumbent will be managed by the Senior Education Advisor HD A1 Team based in Abuja, with additional reporting officer team DFID Northern Nigeria. The insurer will be the quality team leader HD.

More specifically, the incumbent will:

1. Support school counselors HD develop an educational strategy, and together support the DFID Northern Nigeria team develop a strategy specifically on the northern Nigeria.

2. Develop close working relationships that build credibility and trust with the partners of the Government of Nigeria (federal, state, local), other donors, civil society and other key change agents to influence policies and programs in northern states where DFID works in education. Support colleagues HD educational advisers, promote harmonization between donors and collective engagement with the Nigerian government at the federal level. Central and local levels.

3. As part of the DFID team in Northern Nigeria, working closely with representatives of the State of DFID and others to deepen the analysis of DFID economics of education at the State and ensure close coordination and collaboration between the education and the entire portfolio of DFID.

4. Under the DFID Policy Team North Nigeria, the incumbent will help shape the overall policy of DFID and the program director for Northern Nigeria.

5. Close monitoring of the activities of States level program in the field in northern Nigeria.

6. Work with state officials to influence policy at the state level in northern Nigeria in accordance with the policies of DFID broader education.

7. Provide technical support to advisors to conduct girls’ education Project (GEP) Support Program in the education sector in Nigeria (ESSPIN) Development Program teachers (TDP), the Educational Research and Assessment Program (EDORE) Low Cost Privée education program and planned work on skills. This will include ensuring the delivery of high quality reviews annual management and organizing meetings with stakeholders on priority areas related to DFID programs, identifying opportunities for cross-learning program and deepening synergies. Specific support required will be determined by the successful candidate’s experience and expertise and the status of each training program when the incumbent happens.

8. The first year in office, it is hoped that the incumbent will be ready to assume a leadership advisory for at least one specific training program DFID. This will depend on the progress of the individual and the opportunities within the education portfolio. This will be agreed between the Senior Education Advisor, Team Leader and Chief HD DFID Northern Nigeria.

9. Work with colleagues consulting, program management and colleagues representative of the State to provide education programs to produce results and value for money, identify and manage risks and opportunities for greater space synergy with other programs DFIDN.

10. Working in close collaboration with the education and HD DFID Northern Nigeria colleagues, collect and manage the education results reporting and other critical data to meet DFID operational and business requirements.

11. Provide support to service providers and key partners DFID at the state level to engage with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in Nigeria, including the evaluation and development program led by the group local education (LEG) and the possible implementation GPE.

12. Support colleagues HD educational counselors in the priorities of research and evaluation for the portfolio, determining that the current work progress.

13. Direct the specific thematic area (s) within the educational team. The specific surface area (s) will be decided on the basis of experience, expertise and strengths of the candidate and the opportunities within the education portfolio at the time. Possible areas include education, civil society and the responsibility of teaching and learning, equity and inclusive education etc.

14. Contribute to DFID’s strategy and overall results through the DFID Education professional setting.

15. Travel regularly to interact with Nigerian citizens, institutions, programs, government partners, donors, civil society and other partners to regularly review the program’s progress and reform and deepen the understanding of context. Make recommendations to other colleagues DFIDN on how to strengthen the overall impact of policies and programs DFIDN.

16. Contribute to DFID Nigeria business requirements for correspondence, briefings, reports and communications.

17. All the above work makes an essential contribution to the strategic direction and operational results DFIDN. The amount of the contribution of Nigeria to the general policy of DFID and results, the work of this position is of great importance for the overall DFID not only DFIDN.

Through all the above responsibilities, the DFID Northern Nigeria and help teams HD strengthen as the high performing teams where people enjoy working together. This includes sharing learning with colleagues, encouraging other staff to develop and help create energizing and stimulating day team for both teams.

Qualification and Experience:

1. Minimum of a Master’s degree from an international university in Education or a related field of social policy.

2. Work experience in the education sector in Nigeria.

3. Experience working closely with a development agency / donor desirable

4. Experience in at least three of the following areas:

Management of educational reform.
Management responsibility / commitment of civil society to improve learning outcomes.
Support for improved teaching and learning.
Initiatives to promote equity and inclusive education.
Adult learning and skills
Islamic education.

5. Excellent communication skills both written and oral

6. Strong influencing skills

7. Resilience and ability to work under pressure in a busy environment and difficult

8. Flexibility and willingness to meet a variety of business needs.

9. Flexibility and willingness to travel extensively in the northern states of Nigeria.

10. Cultural sensitivity and political work in Northern Nigerian context.

11. The ability to speak Hausa is an advantage.

Technical Skills:

1. Knowledge of education systems in the context of developing countries.

2. Knowledge and application of policy analysis and education sector planning.

Behavioural Competencies:

1. Analysis and use of information. The successful candidate will have an idea of ​​data both national and local issues around education in Nigeria and be able to use these products, as well as other information to feed and evaluating the program DFID education Nigeria.

2. Communication with others. The successful candidate would engage

with key stakeholders such as education officials of the state, civil society, as well as those in connection with the completion of our education and Port folio as such might be expected to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and on paper, to clarify the required messages using appropriate language.

3. Influence. The successful candidate would be expected to engage

effectively with a wide range of stakeholders with complex agendas, including contractors, other donors. Officials, politicians and religious and traditional leaders.

4. Planning and delivery of work. It is a key skill for DFID, and the successful candidate will ensure deadlines are met and tasks to different members of your team are motivated to meet business requirements.

5. Work with others. Kano office is a multicultural team of two Nigerian professionals and international staff in the United Kingdom. The successful candidate will have the temperament and sensitivity to work in a multidisciplinary team, providing leadership and support.


Interested candidates are invited to contact the Team Leader of Human Development Sarah White ( The main lesson adviser Barbara Payne ( and the head of DFID Northern Nigeria The Ben Roith (

Remuneration: DFID offers a competitive salary and benefits. The current salary for the position starting year is N14, 218,752 including local taxes.

How to Apply:

1. The qualified and interested in this position should send an email to Nse Alawani ( to obtain an application.

2. Your completed application form must be sent electronically to before the deadline indicated below.

3. The closing date for applications is 12 noon Friday, March 22, 2013.

DFID Nigeria is an employer to ensure equal opportunities. Applications are welcome from individuals, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender or disability. The appointment will be under local conditions and is subject to medical clearance and safety.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited to join the next stage of the evaluation process.



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  1. The British Government as certainly opted to give Nigeria the best. No gift assistance or donation can surpass education, true and sustainable development should be anchored on education. One could confidently say that, the five projects to be implemented will reduce not only poverty but will also guarantee the attainment of the MDGs, EFA, and Nigeria’s educational goals. Britain as once more demonstrated it’s love and concern for Nigeria.

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