Stanbic IBTC bank Recruitment March 2013 26th

Stanbic IBTC bank Recruitment March 2013

  1. PROJECT MANAGER: Job ID 10835



–           Perform Project management support for branch expansion programme including the construction and refurbishment of banks buildings and to facilitate seamless handover of completed structures to the end user units

–          Assist the department process procurement of consultants, contractors, vendors; monitoring, evaluating and reporting construction progress from inception to completion and handover of a building fit for purpose

–          Creating maintenance procedures

–          Supervise facilities maintenance of the branches nationwide, head office campuses

–          Ensures that buildings are fully functional and operational

–          Execute all operations are in accordance with established health and safety regulations and that services purchased are of acceptable quality at the least possible cost. Keeps Senior Management well informed of significant problems from day to day operational activities. Trains, directs and appraises assigned personnel. Also acts as the Services manager and carries the responsibility of operational running of all the equipments.



–          BSC in building construction, architecture, or other engineering degree

–          5 years’ post qualification

–          Professional associate of a recognized institution – RIBA, NIA,COREN




–          Assist during project planning and preparation activities

–          Perform design feasibility reports to be forwarded to the unit head and advise other Business Units/ Area on project processes.



–          Supervise the project development stages and the development team during project duration

–          Monitor, report and ensure deviations from project scope and facilitate payments in line with milestones delivery

–          Report project activities in accordance with programme timescales and coordinate budget to ensure delivery within budgets.



–          Excellent Verbal and written communication regarding the progress of a project

–          Perform reports to be forwarded to Unit head and advise other Business Units/ Area on the project development



–          Provide irregular practices and take corrective action whenever possible

–          Ensure standardization and minimal deviation throughout project cycle

–          Supervise project risks as required and assist in project cost control.

–          Accountable for development and implementation of effective operations management policies

–          Established operational goals and ensures that corporate wide plans are complemented and supported

–          Help senior management with long term budget goals, budget projections, SLA’s and Contracts

–          Supervise and arranges third party services of maintenance contractors, suppliers, vendors

–          Collaborate with branch operations managers and multi skilled technicians as regards operational problems

–          Responds to emergency call outs

–          Daily management of Air conditioners, borehole & water treatment plants, generators, electrical and plumbing and manage space planning

–          Ensure that the building layout will accommodate present and future operational and space requirements

–          Perform periodic inspections of facilities, assesses problems and needs, and implements improvements in operations as appropriate

–          Maintenance activities and ensures that the facilities are clean, well maintained, and in good repair

–          Directs preventive maintenance procedure as appropriate

–          Execute that bank operations are in compliance with established procedures, policies, regulations and codes as it affects maintenance and work area is clean, secure and as well maintained

–          Develop safety awareness and trains staff in Health and Safety

–          Implement compliance with legal regulations. Completes regular HSE inspections and updates monthly reports as appropriate and ensure that HSE requirements are effectively implemented

–          Monitor facilities operations are cost effective, efficient and within established budget constraints

–          Source for vendors, contractors and suppliers to ensure that equipment and services are of acceptable quality, competitively priced and delivered on time

–          Accountable for ensuring professional business relations with vendor, contractors and trade professionals

–          Coordinate Building personnel, ensuring optimal performance

–          Perform regular meetings to ensure that the personnel are well informed of changes in policies and procedures

–          Coordinates personnel and directs daily operations.



–          Understanding of project status and ability to proactively manage project risks

–          Conformance of project to banks standards and implement corporate identity (CI) standards for fit out of building

–          Management of project constraints, cost and time

–          Excellent communication and coordination exists with departments. Assistance is provided as needed

–          Facilities are well maintained and secure and meet the needs of the Bank

–          Bank’s operational facilities are efficient and cost effectively administered

–          Bank and future bank needs are well maintained and budgets are established

–          Effective business relations exist with vendors, contractors and trade professionals.



To apply





–          Keeps records and ensures the planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedule is carried out accordingly and excellent administrative support to branch offices and other location

–          Accountability and management with respect to facility management and procurement costs/expenses of each zone

–          Accountable for resource management as specified for branches within the regions

–          Execute bank operations are in compliance with established procedures, policies, regulations and codes as it affect property maintenance

–          Collaborate with service providers on all premises maintenance issues and also ensuring the use of good quality materials, good finishing with prompt attention

–          Accountable for operational activities in the regions

–          Supervise requests, giving immediate solution to complaints and liaises with third party contractors for solutions to other issues

–          Management well informed of area activities and significant problems

–          Collaborate with the HSS and Branch managers in scheduling of time for the supervision and Planned preventive maintenance activity

–          Coordinate maintenance activities to ensure that they adhere to the service level agreement and ensure the inspection of workmanship and materials as defined in the manuals

–          Execute all buildings, grounds, and equipment are well maintained and in optimal working condition

–          Execute that services purchased are of acceptable quality in compliance with procurement policy

–          Perform periodic activity report to supervisor as may be defined and quarterly spend analysis on consumables to ascertain spend per head per location, and recommend adjustments in quantity where required

–          Matrix report to Zonal Operations and Procurement departments;

–          Ensure and maintain supplier database in location

–          Perform Quarterly vendor performance appraisal and managing stores in location

–          Safe keep and track fixed assets in location

–          HSE improvement proposals and reviews of HSE non-conforming Standards within the regional office e.g. supervision of regular inspection of fire protection, safety and emergency response equipment, co-ordination of regional fire wardens of the company







–          Perform first level support for all custom-developed applications and third-party applications provided by other vendors, and to contact the vendors involved whenever there is a need to carry out upgrades or fix a major error

–          Make sure all incidents are responded to and resolved within the required MTTR. Also ensure that calls are escalated and communicated to the required support area and user

–          Ensure that all reports relating to internal custom-developed applications are promptly generated and presented for review by appropriate individuals and departments

–          It is imperative that the necessary housekeeping takes place on a hourly/daily/weekly/monthly basis as per the job requirement

–          Configure, install and support custom-developed applications as well as vendor-provided software

–          Administration and monitoring of software systems and intranet web application and application servers

–          Answer to and resolving incidents and perform backup and data restoration procedure

–          Ensure 24-hour availability of applications and software systems



–          IT Audit rating by Internal Audit, Routine Control, and external audit

–          No service impact

–          Reduced number of incident

–          Successful implementations

–          Meet deadlines

–          Ensure that service disruptions due to system downtime are minimized

–          Professional assistance to large projects in relation to Application acquisition and deployment

–          Percentage uptime of application systems and software

–          Number of user-reported application-related issues resolved

–          Adherence to programming practice







–          Assist International Business Centre (IBC) team by providing efficient and effective transaction processing that enhances quality service delivery, promotes the possibility of exceeding customers’ expectation at all times. In addition to minimizing operational losses as well as ensure good customer relationship at all times telephone calls in a professional and positive manner as stipulated in the telephone mannerisms presentation

–          Gather and sort out all SWIFT messages and registering all SWIFT messages

–          Dispatch of all SWIFT messages to the various units/desks within IBC and other relevant stakeholders

–          Registering and dispatch of MT101 messages received to the TPS Client care team

–          Receives all incoming correspondences and register and dispatch of all incoming correspondences to the various units/desks within IBC

–          Receipt and collation of all outgoing correspondences and delivery to the courier companies for onward delivery to the various recipients

–          Processing of the Forms M

–          Attend queries, enquiries, requests of walk-in customers within the IBC space

–          Send of acknowledgement copies of transactions transmitted via SWIFT to clients & relevant internal stakeholders

–          Closing/resolving of transaction case ids on IBC remedy console

–          Respond to queries and enquiries received via the IBC customer service email and/or telephone and/or IBC remedy

–          Escalate to Team Leader, Liaison & Due Diligence all long outstanding issues, sensitive customer complaints and queries that have a high monetary value/impact to the bank or the customer

–          Perform constant feedback to Team Leader, Liaison & Due Diligence on all operational matters relating to desk and compliance to recommendations made in Audit / Routine Control Officers’ reports

–          Execute the correct and timely handling of assigned responsibilities

–          Frequent spooling and forwarding of ALL incoming SWIFT messages to SWIFT officer



–          Consistent achievement of high levels of customer service and satisfaction

–          Compliance and improvement on turn- around times (TAT)

–          Reduction of costs and increased throughput (output)

–          Compliance to regulatory requirements governing banking practices

–          Excellent management and mitigation of operational risks

–          Constant feedback and support to Team Leader, Liaison and Due diligence

–          Error free processing – zero errors




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