Stanbic IBTC bank Job July 2013 for Head Portfolio Reporting Credit Finance/ MIS

bank Job July 2013

Effective risk management is fundamental to the business of Standard Bank Group (group). While we remain committed to increasing shareholder value through the development and growth of our business in our vast appetite for the given risk, we recognize the achievement of this objective in the interests of all parties stakeholders.
Job Description

Main purpose of the job

To lead a team of people responsible for the creation and maintenance of a robust management platform and process information, accurate, timely and meaningful MI production to meet regulatory and other requirements and to help the team management of credit business decisions and provide credit analysis to inform policy credit.

Key Responsibilities

Creation and maintenance of a robust platform and MI process
• Documentation MI credit needs of all stakeholders – Council EXCO, Headquarters, regulators, etc. Leadership team and the creation of a platform and processes to meet these needs on a sustainable basis
• Creation of MS Excel and MS Access Databases to complete banking systems where there are gaps
• Recommend appropriate software, if applicable

MI and produce accurate reports, timely and useful
• Oversee the production of all MI to adequately manage the credit risk of the Bank
• Ensure that the reports and statements of all stakeholders is accurate and reach beneficiaries before the agreed time
• To ensure the continued availability of accurate management information “real time” covering “stock” measures “flow” and
• to support the objectives of performance evaluation in all areas by providing measurement workflow and systems implementation monitoring and IM on a regular basis

Provide Modeling and Analysis Expertise

• Strengthen the capacity of credits for the analysis of effective trends, modeling and analysis

Key Performance Measures

• Production of accurate and timely MI on a sustainable basis
• Availability of robust workflow and management tools implemented in all sectors and the entire life cycle of credit
• Availability of world-class management and Board Information Packs
• Availability of monitoring mechanisms for large, coincident and delayed portfolio indicators
• Application of the analysis to make better choices in credit, asset growth and lower losses on industry average receivables portfolio
• Achieving the asset growth PBB
• Achieve budget provisions PBB

Major Reports

• Head CIB Credit
• Head, PBB credit
• Credit Committee of the country
• Finance
Skills and qualifications


Problem solving, planning and decision making

• collects, compiles and analyzes a set of appropriate financial and other data to identify trends, build relationships between variables, quantify and assess the risks and benefits of alternative policy rules and makes recommendations
• Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of policy proposals and their impact on the relevant parameters such as asset growth, delinquency, etc. provisions

• Drives proactive review process policy rules existing across the ieorigination Crdit life cycle, account management and collections
• Detects and evaluates changes or changes of risk parameters in a business relationship or industry and assesses the impacts of these changes on the ongoing business relationships
• Uses leading indicators to identify potential problems and influences planning decisions accordingly


• proactively recommend “Campaigns” appropriate and “experiments” to maximize profits of the loan portfolio
• Players making around product programs, pricing decisions and product design decision in PBB

Knowledge, experience and personal skills


• Detailed understanding of portfolio performance metrics, measurement and interpretation, including vintage analysis
• Working knowledge of core banking systems
• Knowledge of and extensive practice in data mapping and query databases and design tools report


• At least 3 years of relevant experience in environmental analysis
• Exposure to environmental bank lending will be an advantage

Personal skills

• Adaptability: Must be able to adapt and embrace change, opposing viewpoints, new ideas, be imaginative and creative
• Calculation and analytical thinking: must have the ability to work with numbers and figures, as well as to collect, process, analyze and integrate “the pieces of the puzzle” in the results, or the relevant factual findings.
• written communication: Must have the ability to transmit information through written an accurate, clear, concise and understandable to maximize the understanding of the message instructions.
• Judgment: Must have the ability to evaluate and judge situations or alternative strategies actions and results against the rational, logical assumptions
• COACHING: must have the ability to develop disciples by providing clear and simple instructions, demonstrations and consistently exposing them to scheduled tasks, but more difficult, combined with ongoing feedback, evaluation, consulting and other tangible rewards.
• Decision-making: Must show willingness and ability to make decisions, make a judgment, take action and implement corrective whenever the situation requires action.

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