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These Are 4 Ways Employers Know You Lied In Your Resume

It’s time to face the facts. The lucrative jobs are getting fewer and harder to get. It is therefore not unanticipated that everyone is trying to gain an advantage over other applicants. For those who have no long legs (the Nigerian term for those who know people in influential positions), the best way to impress employers is to have a smashing curriculum vitae. However, what will actually wow employers is not always easy to get. As such, many job applicants resort to manipulating their curriculum vitae.

Almost all of us are guilty of this. But then the level to which we do it varies and plays an important role in how the employer or potential employer reacts upon realization. While some just embellish the facts, others are so brazen that they go fabricating what actually does not exist. Here’s how employers usually catch such ones.

  • Social Media: Most of the culprits forget that social media profiles are very public and as such can be accessed by employers or their representatives. In addition, for those who are in the habit of reflecting every piece of their life and progress on such sites, it becomes all too easy for employers to notice discrepancies.
  • Reference Checks: One of the most redundant part of your CV is likely your references because usually employers and prospective employers do not have the time to check through references. This does not mean that they NEVER do. And if you happen to have fabricated these references, then you can kiss the job bye.
  • Proficiency Tests: For skill based professions, it is a definite no-no to fabricate this section of your CV as your claimed combination of skills may interest the employer enough for him or her. If the potential employer asks you to prove one or two of these skills and you cannot, then you have dug your own trap.
  • Potholes In your story: Lies are usually difficult to keep up with. Combine this with the stressful tension that abounds during interviews and you can see why remembering those lies may become difficult. Interviewers are usually skilled at picking up those discrepancies so it’s better to stay truthful.


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