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3 Simple Secrets to Acing that Interview

Kick your nerves to the curb with these 3 simple secrets

About eighty-five percent of failed interviews can be traced to nerves. Anxiety is something that hits even the best of the best so don’t go beating yourself up over it. Like every other challenge, there is always a solution.

If you’ve ever had a nervous breakdown you know that when you get better you start wondering why you didn’t handle the situation differently. Here’s an opportunity;

3 simple ways to ace your interview

  1. Proper Plan and Preparation

No matter how many times you need to go over everything you need for the interview and be certain that you have everything you need. Prepare for your possible questions as well as behavioral questions. Don’t over look any detail so that you won’t be sidelined or caught off guard.

Plan to be at the venue at least an hour or two before the time. This way you’ll be able to beat traffic or whatever else could hold you up. Getting late to an interview is the worst nerves trigger there is. It makes you feel like you are starting on the wrong foot.

  1. Deep breaths

When your body goes into panic mode, your breath begins to come in uneven pants, your palms become sweaty, and you become disoriented. This is the case when you are extremely nervous. At this point, answering interview questions become a hassle.

Take a long deep breath and few slower ones. Repeat the process continuously until you are calm. Please don’t practice this exercise in the presence of the interviewers. Excuse yourself minutes before is time for your interview and go to the restroom to take deep calming breaths. Don’t get carried away and waste time in doing that.

  1. Think happy thoughts and smile

Allow your mind to drift to happy times for a moment. Cheer up and smile. This is not often easy because at that moment the last thing you want to do is smile. Smiling frequently helps relax your body and sometimes buys you time to think of your next answer.

It all boils down to being prepared. When you are prepared you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. Hold your head up, chin up and flash that smile even if your fingers are shaking underneath the table.

Ace your interview with these 3 tips

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