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3 traps recruiters set for unsuspecting interviewees

3 trap recruiters set for Applicants

Beware of these three traps recruiters set for unsuspecting interviewees

They want to know that you really earned your degrees or qualifications and beyond that, they want to examine your behavioral patterns to ensure that you won’t turn on them when you are hired.

No one wants to get in bed with a stranger this is why recruiters try anything at their disposal in learning about their potential employees. The questions you answer are no longer enough for them so they set ‘traps’ to estimate your reaction to real life situations.

  • The real life interview

A lot of interviewees fall into this trap easily. The interview does not start when your name is called when it’s your turn in line but the moment you enter the compound. Yes! People are watching your every move; studying you.

Watch the way you interact with people so you don’t give any bad manners away. Smile at the gateman and say thank you. Be nice to the receptionist (even if they aren’t nice). Be courteous and use ‘sir’ or ‘ma’ when addressing people. Don’t forget ‘please and thank you are the magic words’.

  • The waiting period

Recruiters will probably leave you in a room for over an hour. Don’t panic, don’t fidget, it’s all a trap. Interviewees always seem to be in a rush to go somewhere (probably home to laze about) that they end up losing the chance to get the job.

If you give off the vibe that you have to be someplace else the interviewer will assume that you have something more important than the job in question. You’ve been waiting a while for this job, so don’t ruin it with being panicky.

Sit calmly and pretend in your mind that you already got the job so you are where you are supposed to be. Don’t look at your wrist watch or the clock. If there is a manual in sight, pick it up and read. NOTE: this is definitely not the time to check up on friends on Facebook or any other social media. If possible keep your phone/gadget on silent mode and away from sight.

  • Hands-on interview

This is the rarest form of trap used by recruiters. If they give you this test you probably already made a good impression on them. The deal breaker for this trap is nerves. The recruiters create a real life situation and ask you to handle it. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. They wouldn’t ask you to handle it if they didn’t already think that you could.

Like mentioned before, you probably already impressed them so take a deep breathe and get to work. Be careful in your carriage though, so you don’t come off as arrogant or over confident.

Now that you know the traps, you’d always be able to side step it. Make sure not to get trapped and good luck with your interview.


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