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4 Skills you can develop while waiting for a job

Skills to develop on whilst waiting for that job

What to do whilst waiting for that job

The mistake a lot of unemployed youths make is to sit with folded arms while waiting for a job opening. Applying for a job doesn’t in any way guarantee you the position you applied for. It does better your chances but nothing is set in stone even after you’ve been called in for an interview.

There are better ways you could spend that time; the best being to acquire some basic skills that are versatile enough to suit your desired area of specialization. There are skills that may be used for all purposes and intents. Most of these skills are overlooked because they seem basic enough. The truth is that they are of utmost importance to the efficient running of every company.

These skills include;

  • Computer skills

You probably saw this coming. Every employer is interested in candidates with some degree of computer literacy. In a world where technology is consistently advancing, acquiring computer skills will place you at an advantage.

  • Creative skills

Every one claims to be creative these days. That might be true but what recruiters want are a tangible proof that you really are as creative as you claim. They want to see an illustration of your creativity.

  • Communication Skills

As common as it sounds, a lot of people battle with communication. The problem is not as much as diction as it is manner and composure. Beyond speaking English language, there are mannerisms you need to apply when communicating with different people at different levels. Your ability to communicate effectively is definitely one more thing going for you.

  • Team Spirit

Your ability to work as a team and with a team is paramount to any job you may be getting in future. Recruiters want to know that when placed in a team, there will be no issues of insubordination of conflict from your end. You can harness this skill by participating in group programs/projects around you.

All these skills are easily developed or fine tuned through constant practice and perpetual training. There are seminars and such being organized around the world, even on the internet, where you can go and improve on your skills. Make the most of the time on your hands.

Skills to develop on whilst waiting for that job

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