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10 things that must never be found in your cover letter
Other than your interview, a cover letter is one of the most crucial parts of an application process. When well written a cover letter could be a powerful tool you can use to your advantage. Your cover letter could be the key to an invitation for interview. This is why you should make the most …
Avoid these colleagues to safeguard your job
colleagues that could cost you your job When it comes to work environment, association with colleagues is inevitable. Of course no man is an island as such you are meant to mingle and cooperate with your colleagues. Even when you choose to be a recluse, you might be place in a team with some people. …
Reasons why you could get that sack letter
4 valid reasons you could be getting a sack letter There are so many reasons people get fired from work these days which border mostly on disciplinary and performance issues. You may have avoided those issues successfully but unintentionally fallen victim to other reasons an employer may fire an employee. There are issues that border …