Job Title: Field Service Specialist
Job Number: 2795320
Location: Port Harcourt

Essential Responsibilities
Network & Links

  • Internal: FS team, PM, tendering, Service Centers of Excellence, trainers
  • External: Customer, suppliers, contractors

Responsibilities and Accountabilities
On Power Transformer:

  • Erection & Commissioning
  • Visual Inspection/ Thermographic inspection
  • Functional tests : Winding and oil Temperature Indicators, Oil Level indicator, Flow Gauge/Sensors, Pressure Relief Device, Sudden pressure relay, Buccholz Relay, Pumps, Fans
  • Maintenance : Minor/Major External Repair, Accessories change, Major Leakage repair, Bushing/Radiator/Valve/ Pressure Relief Device/Indicator Replacement, Fan/Oil Pump Maintenance, Oil Treatment
  • Electrical Tests : Excitation Current, Short Circuit Impedance, sweep frequency response analysis Tests, Dielectic response analysis, Insulation resistance, Transformer Power Factor and Capacitance, Bushing Power Factor and Capacitance, Bushing Hot Collar, Winding Ratio, Windings resistance, Surge Arrester Dielectric

On Tap Changer:

  • Visual Inspection:
  • Functional tests: RS Relay , Matching positions, Pressure Relief Device, Oil Level indicator, Mechanism Box
  • Electrical Tests: Winding Ratio, Static & Dynamic Resistance of OLTC
  • Maintenance: Minor Maintenance / Major Maintenance (Draining, Linkage dismantling, Extraction of insertable body, Contacts Change, Resistor measure, Resistor Change, Cover Gasket changing)

Generator Circuit Breaker:

  • Erection & Commissioning
  • Electrical Tests: Contact Resistance, mechanical operating test
  • Maintenance: Cover dismantling, Lubrication of contacts for SKG and MKG, Tightening check, Cleaning, Interlocks (Electrical & Mechanical) check, Mechanical Command of Desconnector, Casing Gasket changing, SF6 change, Contacts change, Linkage change
  • Visual inspection
  • Functional Tests: SF6 level, SF6 Analysis, Relay Test

Organize the Site Activities:

  • Prepare and organize the site activities for erection & Commissioning of equipment’s based on mission order from Operation Department
  • Control that installations are done as per the drawings / documents.
  • Finalize the activities and ensure the follow up by validating with the Customer the action engaged (MoM for End of Mission)
  • Successful candidate would be required to cover site across West Africa
  • Control the proper delivery and storage of equipment / material at site to avoid any loss or damage.
  • Supervise the erection & commissioning works at site as per the work program.


  • Responsible and accountable for the overall quality and integrity of the deployment of the build process for the Equipment installation / maintenance
  • Insure that all sub-contractors or partners are fully compliant with the site quality and safety plans
  • Reduce non-quality costs
  • Ensure work on site comply with the documents and procedures so that, people and product safety, product reliability, are within highest and at least GE standard during all site execution
  • Ensure implementation of factory quality rules for site work, (E/C, maintenance, repair, inspection,)

The Key Performance Indicator would be:

  • Lost Time Incident Rate, Total Recordable Incident Rate, EHS compliance, MSV
  • Integrity of site installation at HV test and Energisation; Respect of schedule; Timely submission of weekly reporting; Audit performance, cover ratio

Educational Requirements and Experience

  • Degree in Electro-mechanical
  • Must have valid authorization to work full-time without any restriction in Nigeria
  • Operational(incl. Functional), Managerial and Leadership Know How
  • Good English communication skills (oral & writing)
  • Master Degree in Electro-mechanical or Electrical Engineering would be an added advantage
  • 3 years+ of experience in Field Service
  • A valid NYSC discharge or exemption certificate will be required (please indicate clearly on your resume)

Desired Characteristics: 

  • Operational Know How (incl. Functional Know How) Mandatory Desirable
  • Operational effectiveness/Accountability
  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Resilience
  • Motivating & inspiring
  • Continuously managing & developing people
  • Leadership Know How Mandatory Desirable
  • Strategic Vision
  • Convincing & Influencing
  • Shaping & driving change
  • Risk Management
  • Communication with Transparency
  • Please specify Functional Know-How below e.g. Finance competencies needed for financial positions, or project management Know-How needed project management roles.
  • Engineering & design :
  • Technical skills
  • Coaching
  • Training skills
  • Project management awareness
  • Managerial Know How Mandatory Desirable
  • Ability to make decisions/Sense of urgency

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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