Job Title:  Liquidity Management Officer

Job Objective:
Ensuring proper management of the assets in the organization as well as ensuring that the organization has adequate liquidity in the system to meet any obligation both internally with respect to disbursements of lease, loan transactions overhead cost of the company and externally.
Job description:

  • To ensure disbursement of all payments company- wide and maintenance of disbursement records
  • Zero percent (0%) Rate on Returned Cheques due to unfunded account
  • To ensure accurate maintenance of finance lease disbursement records
  • Ensuring that excess fund is placed with a competitive rate, terms and conditions
  • Proper Monitoring of Bank credit/loan repayments ie Bank amortization schedules and lease rentals
  • Weekly analysis report of expected bank rental payment on every Friday of the week
  • Prompt response to any identified funding gap
  • Proper record keeping and filing of all department’s documents
  • Ninety Percent (90%)Turnaround time for retrival of documents
  • Matching of the returned cheques to the clients names and forwarding the analysis to Sales and Risk Mamagement groups
  • Submit weekly report to Head of Unit before the close of business
  • Submit a weekly report showing that disbursements are in line with designated funding bank
  • To ensure  there is adequate liquidity to guarantee the orderly funding of transactions and this will protect the organization against unforeseen obligations that may come even at the time liabilities are maturing
  • To ensure proper monitoring of all our receivables in order to identify the funding gap
  • Aggressively follow up on all the relevant groups for collection and generate a monthly report on all outstanding collections within the first week of every month
  • To ensure there is good and cordial banking relationship between the Bank and our company
  • Excellent banking relationship feedback and result and resolve all matters within 5 working days

Job Requirements:

  • Having practical steps and knowledge on how to better manage the assets and liabilities of the company
  • Exhibit capacity for gap identification and quick solution in closing the gap
  • To understand what an excess liquidity management means as well as learn how to control financial-relationship risk
  • Must be thorough, with an excellent eye for details
  • Ability to distinguish between liquidity and profitability is very vital to treasury unit and the company
  • The regular provision of information to decision-makers within an organisation to support them in their work
  • Ability to disburse funds within 48 hours of receipt of disbursement approval for customers transactions
  • Above average understanding of the treasury management, asset finance industry and its economic drivers
  • Exhibit effective and efficient use of liquidity management strategies
  • To develop basic treasury skills and eyes for details
  • Show ability to analyse and compute basic financial indices and mathematics
  • Being able to take decisions even on short notice
  • Willingness to commit oneself to a course of action in situations characterised by time or information limitations.
  • Independent initiation of action to influence events, processes, or practices based on a personal evaluation of conditions.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply

Application Deadline: 3rd March 2017


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