Job Title:  Logistics Coordinator Assistant

Main Purpose
Assist the logistics coordinator in specific activities and assume some delegated tasks, according to his/her instructions and complying with MSF standards, in order to ensure a proper logistic management in capital and provide support to logistic activities in the projects.
Job Description (Shortened)

  • Plan and supervise the logistics within the coordination base (repairs, equipment maintenance, stock management, cleanliness…), in order to ensure the best operational working conditions in the coordination project. Supervise all staff necessary to run the base, including contractors or daily workers for small construction projects.
  • Support the logistics coordinator and/or the supply manager in organizing the ordering and transport of goods to the different projects, in order to comply with their needs in terms of quality and timeliness.
  • Organize and supervise the fleet of vehicle in the coordination base (driver’s schedules, vehicles maintenance, vehicles registration and insurance, fuel consumptions, etc.), in order to ensure coping with the transportation and movement needs. Collaborate with the mechanic to update and to fill report monthly for all projects.
  • Assist the logistics coordinator with the check up and supervision of the proper functioning of the computers and other communication and IT equipment, in order to ensure a continuous and appropriate flow of information and communication, including conducting physical maintenance, updating antivirus software, and ensuring timely backups.
  • Ensure repair and maintenance of generators and power back-up systems as well as cold chain equipment, water pumps and other technical equipment used or stocked in capital and inform to the logistic coordinator in case of any further needs concerning technical equipment, in order to have an adequate running. Track all projects’ equipment with an updated Tugeres.
  • Support the LogCo in the planning and ensuring an appropriate emergency preparedness and response capacity (stocks, contacts, transport means, staff training), including security hibernation rooms. Supervise the radio operator to follow all movements in Maiduguri and maintain perfect communication with the Logistics Coordinator about team locations.
  • Inform the logistics coordinator in case of any major issue and draw-up all required reporting, in order to keep updated and reliable information that will ease decision-making.
  • Maintain and distribute on a weekly basis a contact list for all MSF phone numbers and email addresses in the projects, ensuring that every expat has a charged phone with credit at all times.


  • Education: Essential secondary education plus further training
  • Experience: Essential two years of previous experience in similar jobs.
  • Desirable with MSF or other NGOs, in developing countries Essential experience managing staff.
  • Languages: Mission language essential. Local language essential.
  • Knowledge: Essential computer literacy (word, excel, internet)
  • Technical capabilities in logistics (mechanics, electricity, construction
  • Competencies: Stress Management, Commitment, Flexibility, Results, Teamwork

Work Location
Maiduguri, Borno state (Nigeria).

Fixed-term contract. Working hours according to Nigerian law.

Job Title:  Midwife

Reference No: (Reference No. 08_ben16)
Place of Work: North East (Banisheikh Kga LGA, Borno State)
Salary: As per the MSF salary scale (national contract)
Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Ensure the implementation and continuity of antenatal and postnatal care, family planning, obstetrical care (BEmONC 1 and CEmONC 2), neonatal and comprehensive abortion care, management of victims of sexual violence, reproductive tract infections and Fistula care in accordance with MSF Reproductive Core Package of Activities and reinforce the implementation of standardized protocols.
  • Where PMTCT is implemented, ensure implementation of the PMTCT protocol in the ANC/delivery and PNC consultations (pre counselling, test and post counselling
  • Collaborate with the medical doctor and /or nurse in the management of Sexual Violence cases
  • Assess the feasibility for referral of pregnant women form the TBAs to the OPD/MCH for medical evaluation and/or complicated deliveries.
  • Ensure hygiene and sterilization criteria (including universal precautions) are met according to MSF specifications.
  • Guarantee a regular and ongoing supply of drugs and equipment required for maternity activities (including monitoring/consumption control/ordering of orders.
  • Properly follow up all newborn babies from delivery until discharge, informing mothers and relatives about importance of breast feeding, vaccination and possible complications resulting from harmful traditional practices.
  • Ensure patients’ right to privacy and confidentiality is respected
  • Supervise that administrative procedures of admissions and hospitalizations comply with MSF protocols , as well as verify patients are properly informed and receive the documents required (birth certificate, vaccination card, etc
  • NB: The responsibilities mentioned above are not exhaustive and other work can be required according to the needs of the mission. Mobility is requested from MSF staff, including short term assignments from their usual place of work .


  • Education
  • Essential midwifery qualification or specialization. Desired Bachelor in Midwifery + Midwife License.
  • Experience
  • Essential working experience of at least two years in midwife activities related jobs Essential Desirable.
  • Languages
  • Essential, English, Hausa and Kanuri language would be an asset.
  • Competencies
  • Results
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Service

Job Title:  Midwife Assistant – 4 positions

Place of Work: North East (Banisheikh Kga LGA, Borno State)
Salary: As per the MSF salary scale (national contract)
Main Objective of Position
Assist the midwife during labour and all sexual and reproductive health activities, according to his/her instructions and MSF protocols, in order to ensure hygiene, care and comfort of all patients.
Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Assist the midwife during delivery and antenatal; postnatal and family planning consultations, in order to receive and install the patient, providing them the information required, helping in taking, monitoring and interpreting the parameters, etc.
  • Follow hygiene and safety protocols at all times, during delivery, consultations, etc., ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of all facilities, material, linen, equipment, and carrying out the sorting and waste disposal.
  • Inform patients and their relatives throughout their stay.
  • Set up health education sessions, according to needs.
  • Ensure comfort of bed-ridden patients: washing, installation for eating meals, changing position, etc.
  • Refer to the midwife in case of any abnormal change in patient’s health status and other problems occurring.
  • Ensure good transfer and transport of patients between the different services and departments.
  • Transport samples to the laboratory and collect the results.


  • Education
  • Essential literacy and midwifery or health training
  • Experience
  • Essential working experience in similar relevant jobs with other NGOs.
  • Languages
  • Local languages (Kanuri, Hausa) desirable and mission language essential.
  • Competencies
  • Results
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Service
  • Stress Management

Job Title:  Medical Doctor For Monguno Project

Main Purpose
Provide outpatient and/or inpatient medical care to patients/beneficiaries according to adapted and updated medical knowledge, MSF protocols, values and universal hygiene standards to improve the patients/beneficiaries health conditions.
Job Description (Shortened)

  • Apply medical knowledge and skills to diagnose and prevention. Carry out outpatient and inpatient consultations, prescribing the necessary treatment respecting MSF protocols.
  • Keep the patient and/or his/her family informed about the illness and provide appropriate explanations about the treatment to follow, checking they have understood.
  • Follow up the evolution of the hospitalized/IDP patients, through daily visits , consultations and examinations, prescribing the necessary treatment following MSF protocols, deciding whether they can be discharged or transferred to other departments – in collaboration with other doctors- and informing their family about the patient’s evolution.
  • Check and control the rational distribution of medicines and equipment under his/her responsibility and take care the quality, disinfection and sterilization of the medical material. Assure general compliance with standing hygiene standards.
  • Participate in the collection and analysis of epidemiological data, checking its validity and informing the line manager or project coordinator about any problem or complication of the patients illness, medical error and monitors the proper functioning of the department, equipment or material.
  • Ensure ongoing training of the medical/paramedical multidisciplinary team in order to optimize the quality of care.
  • Knows and ensures all MSF medical protocols are followed and implemented, checking universal precautions are followed at all times and reducing bio-hazard risks and improving infection control. Ensures professional confidentiality is respected.
  • Manage the team under his/her direct responsibility according to MSF HR policies and procedures, supervising their performance, organizing and scheduling shifts and rotations, directly participating in emergencies and on calls if necessary.
  • Know, promote, implement and follow at all times the universal hygiene standards/ precautions, bio-hazard prevention and infection control, security rules and other protocols and procedures in the medical premises and ensure high standards of hygiene of his/her working environment .
  • Organize and carry out care and treatments according to medical prescriptions, as well as assist them during consultations/ daily rounds and other medical procedures.
  • Ensure patients are properly received and installed in the health service. Ensures that patients with lack of autonomy are assisted, especially regarding their feeding, personal hygiene, movements and comfort.
  • Respect medical secret and confidentiality
  • Carry-out admission, surveillance and follow-up of patients meaning assessment of their health state evolution, and identification of emergency situation or any deterioration,
  • Participate in health education of the patient (and family) when necessary
  • Supervise and train nurse-aids, nutritional assistants, cleaners and other related staff under his/her supervision in their work with special focus in following all appropriate protocols and procedures and ensuring team work
  • Participate in the department-related pharmacy and medical equipment control and maintenance (carrying out inventories, carrying out stock takes of medicines and material at every team changeover, ensuring no material is taken out of nursing area/wards without prior authorisation, checking its quality and its functioning, storage conditions, doing follow-up of expired drugs, etc.).
  • Carry-out and supervise administrative procedures and documents (fill in patients files, forms, consumptions, statistics, etc.), ensure an appropriate written/oral handover, and report any problematic situations and cases that may arise. fill in all necessary registers and health files, participate in data collection and keep doctors/supervisors informed.
  • For ER and OPD nurse, ensure triage of patients in waiting areas, wards or during emergencies, detecting the priority acute/emergency cases, carrying out first aid care when necessary and referring them to the doctor.
  • If applicable, identify Sexually Gender Based Violence victims and refer them to the medical team, so they can receive the necessary treatment.
  • Knows and is aware of the importance and appropriate use of the Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Kit
  • Sends material to be sterilized and recuperates it from sterilization.


  • Education: Nigerian Medical Diploma with minimum of 2 years of active clinical experience since graduation
  • Experience: 2 year experience minimum as a Medical Doctor or in clinical work (can be within medical training). Desirable in tropical medicine, or post-registration experience in Public Health , infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS/STDs, TB, general practice, general medicine or minor surgery.
  • Languages: Mission language essential (English). Local language compulsory.
  • Knowledge: Essential computer literacy (word, excel)
  • Competencies: People management, commitment, flexibility, results, teamwork

Work Location
Maiduguri, Borno state (Nigeria).

Fixed-term contract. Working hours according to Nigerian law.

Job Title:  Midwife Supervisor

Place of Work: North East (Banisheikh Kga LGA, Borno State)
Salary: As per the MSF salary scale (national contract)
Main Objective of Position
Defines, implements and follows up all midwife and maternity related activities in project area ; ensuring the proper implementation of protocols and the quality of cares, analyzing statistics and reports, managing staff involved in the midwife and maternity related activities.
Functional and Hierarchical Lines
Reports hierarchically to functionally to the Midwife Activities Manager
Manages the midwives and nursing related staff
Collaborates with other team.
Responsibilities and Tasks
Midwife Activities Management

  • Develop midwives roster in monthly in Delivery, OPD, with consultation of your line supervisor.
  • To supervise the work of the midwives involved in the activity with close consultation of your line supervisor.
  • Participates on job trainings of all midwives and nursing related staff
  • Defines the training needs of the midwife and nursery related staff according to project objectives and potential.
  • Organises with your line supervisor and implements trainings of midwife and maternity staff.
  • Ensures relevant transfer of information from one duty team to another.
  • Ensures that all midwife and maternity staff promotes and maintains confidentiality regarding all patient cases and records.
  • Ensure with your supervisor in responsibilities for the surveillance of all maternity patients delivery, ANCs, PNC.
  • Is responsible for hygiene and universal precautions in health facilities according to protocols and in cooperation with logistics department and your line manager, Knows and implements accidental exposure policy.
  • Supervises dressing, sterilization and injection services related to delivery, ANC, PNC patients in the health facilities.
  • Ensures that basic delivery plans are adhered by delivery, ANC, PNC including BEMOC that prescriptions and protocols are respected.
  • Ensures that all pregnant women and new born children are referred to the Extended Program on Immunisation (EPI). Consider making this post primary responsible for all EPI.
  • Supervises daily routine activities in the delivery ward, ANC, PNC and support with midwives any overload of the work.
  • To ensure all the administration procedures and document are used correctly, as well as existed data management tools.
  • To ensure and identify the needs of the logistic in the ANC, PNC, Delivery and report in your line manager.
  • Flexibility of roster in night and day if needed


  • Ensures proper distribution and distribution of drugs according to protocols.
  • Monitors and supervises weekly and monthly consumption of drugs as well as inventories in cooperation with pharmacist ensuring that drug consumptions match number of patients and prescriptions.
  • Trains and supervises maternity staff regarding the proper use of drugs, needs and consumptions.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI)

  • Supervises and ensures good quality of Prevention Parent To Child Transmission (PPTCT) and Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) activities for all pregnant women.
  • Supervises and ensures that counselling services are done appropriately following protocols.
  • Works in collaboration with the Information, Education ad Communication (IEC) for all IEC activities.
  • Ensure that transmission by HIV or other STIs is avoided with the help of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and the use of condoms while trying to respect local traditions.

Sexually Gender Based Violence (SGBV)
Knows SGBV protocol and ensure that it is implemented.
Identifies possible victims of SGBV and refers them to medical team for treatment according to protocols.
Participates in emergency activity or exploratory visit in or out of the project area if needed.

  • Ensures that recording in individual patient’s card and registration books of all nursing activities are performed correctly.
  • Ensures that all data management tools, i.e. Fuchia, EpiInfo, etc., are used and are updated properly.
  • Ensures that all administrative procedures and documents  used correctly (discharge paper, transfer paper)


  • Look after all equipment provided.
  • Ensure that no material is taken out of midwife area and maternity rooms without prior authorisation.
  • Ensure that inventories of all material and equipment used exist and are updated.

Ensure cleanliness of midwife areas, maternity and delivery rooms.

  • Preparation of weekly data collection as well as monthly data.
  • Participates in the monthly reports according to guidelines (SitReps, medical statistics, etc.) being responsible for this for all SRH activities—collection and analysis of med stats)
  • Participates in the epidemiological reports related to health facilities in the project area.
  • Informs other medical/midwife managers or doctors about any possible serious problem medical complicated or ex. worsening of state of patients, problems in medicines, etc.
  • Informs line manager of any problems that might be linked to work of midwife or maternity staff as well as problematic equipment or material (ex. broken, missing).


  • Participate in meetings with other supervisors in order to ensure smooth collaboration of all departments in terms of activities running.
  • Participate in meetings in health facility with MSF staff and collaborators.
  • Participate in team meetings and possible trainings.
  • etc.).

Sexually Gender Based Violence (SGBV)
Knows SGBV protocol and ensure that it is implemented.
Identifies possible victims of SGBV and refers them to medical team for treatment according to protocols

  • Participates in the monthly reports according to guidelines, i.e. Situation Reports (SitReps), medical statistical reports, etc.
  • Participates in definition of annual planning and its updates with their relevant budgets for the project.
  • Participates in the epidemiological reports related to health facilities in the area of work of MSF.
  • Informs other medical managers or doctors about any possible serious problem or complication, ex. worsening of state of patients, problems in medicines, etc.

Prepares any document related to work of all midwife or maternity staff.
Participates in meetings in health facility with MSF staff and collaborators.

  • Education: Recognized midwifery qualification or specialization. Desired Bachelor in
  • Midwifery and Recognized midwifery qualification + Midwife License
  • Languages: Local languages (Kanuri, Hausa) desirable and mission language essential.
  • Essential working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs
  •  Experience:  Desirable experience with MSF other NGOs
  •   Knowledge:  Essential computer literacy (Word, Excel and Internet)

How to Apply
Use the emails below to apply for the corresponding job positions above:

  • Midwife Assistant –
  • Medical Doctor For Monguno Project –
  • Midwife Supervisor –
  • Midwife –
  • Logistics Coordinator Assistant –

All applicants should send a CV and motivation letter and copies of credentials either by Email with the job title as subject
OR in person to MSF Offices: in Banisheikh: Along Damaturu-Maiduguri Express way Near Check point
OR in person to MSF Offices: in Damaturu: Yakubu Bello House Damaturu Low Cost, Near Yobe Scholars Academy, New Jerusalem;
OR in person to MSF Offices: in Abuja: Road 131, House 10 Gwarimpa, Abuja.

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted

Application Deadline  10 January 2017


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