Scib is one of the Top 3 Brokers amongst over 500 registered Insurance Brokers in Nigeria offering Insurance & Reinsurance Broking and Risk Management Services with Experience and Professionalism. We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Insurance Underwriter
Job Description

  • Negotiation of rates & terms for new and existing policies.
  • Audit of policy documents / endorsements to ensure that the workings of terms and conditions are adequate and prepared according to instructions.
  • Proactive response to clients
  • Design and placement of insurance programmmes for clients with approved insurers.
  • Preparing quotation / placement slips/ covers notes for new businesses and renewals.
  • Ensure compliance with local legislative requirement
  • Remarketing of Clients Portfolio
  • Prompt resolution of clients’ request/ queries


Job Title: Business Development Manager
Job Description
To Restructure the Business Development Unit:

  • To develop administrative programs, procedures, and guidelines to align the business development unit team with the strategic goals of business development and growth of the company.
  • To have adequate understanding of the Company’s business as it relate to operations, strategy, vision, and expansion model as to structure the business development team along this line and uphold the organizational policies and best practices procedures in the pursuance of same.
  • Coordination of daily activities of the BD Unit staff in the Client service units, by ensuring they maintain a parallel reporting line of their activities to the Business development unit.
  • Development of Business Development strategic plan for your unit.
  • Develop a workable structure of marketing relationship between your team and the entire Company.
  • Facilitate the development of the unit goals, objectives and systems.
  • Provide leadership to the unit team in the achievement of growth strategy for the company.
  • Assist with the monitoring of annual revenue budget, market share and business development
  • Consistently support the general direction, initiatives and decisions of the Executive Team in all aspects of the business.

Business Development:
Expansion of existing businesses:

  • Monitoring business conditions, identifying market opportunities and trend in the industry for management decision.
  • To conduct on a regular basis, business survey to identify the needs of clients, most especially as it relates to their expectation of our service.
  • Work closely with Unit/Account managers to ensure a smooth transition from sales to account management.
  • Attend and actively participate in scheduled Sales and all business development initiative meetings.
  • To come up with business development strategies that can promote the viability of the branch offices.
  • Gather sufficient information about our service portfolio with existing clients as to be able to open new areas of service to them, with the assistance of the accounts handlers.
  • Work cooperatively and creatively with the various client units and product development teams to implement business development initiatives for prospective clients understanding of services and for lead generation.

Generation Of New Businesses:

  • Liaising with clients and prospective customers with a view of promoting and brokering new businesses for the Company.
  • Identification of business opportunities.
  • Keep current and accurate information on all prospects using the new leads reports.
  • To open up the public sector business for the company.
  • To advise management on strategies that can promote the clientele base of the Company, as to retain her position as the market leader in brooking business.
  • Generate goodwill for the organization and its management among clients, people pertinent to the business and the society at large, by demonstrating a strong commitment to client service and service excellence for increase patronage and good public perception.
  • Devise strategies for the generation of business information that can aid the company’s growth plan.
  • To as necessary advise management on social responsibility initiatives that can promote the Company’s growth and enhance its image.
  • Actively participate in professional networking that has the potential for business development.
  • To determine corporate business requirements of the company in consultation with the Units / departmental heads to achieve business objectives.

Job Title: Assistant Manager
Job Objective

The management of the Company’s facilities, procurement of goods and services for the smooth operations of the company; by ensuring the availability of necessary items required by members of staff to carry out their responsibilities effectively, through provision of support services in the following areas:

  • Management of the Company Store
  • Maintenance & Repairs of Office Equipment’s
  • Procurement of Goods and Services
  • Prompt Settlement of Rent, Rates and Service Charges
  • Maintenance and Repair of Generators/Supply of diesel
  • Liaison with members of staff on insurance Services
  • Administration of the Company’s Insurance Portfolio
  • Liaison with Local Government Authority & Neighborhood Associations
  • Supervision of Junior Staff in the Department.

Specific Responsibilities
Management of Company Store as follows:

  • Supervision of printing/stationery items required
  • Purchase of store items
  • Attending to requisitions and monitoring the usage & safe keeping of store items
  • Purchase and disbursement of provisions to staff
  • Monitoring level of usage and prompt replacement of items.

Supervision of Stock-taking i.e.

  • To ensure that communication equipment, i.e. switchboard, telephones are always in good working condition, serviced and maintained at all times.
  • Purchase and maintenance of office equipment and IT devices.
  • To ensure compliance with IT policies and procedures.
  • To Ensure prompt settlement of rates, rent, and service charge pertaining to all company’s utilities.
  • Management of the company’s power generators, in terms of fueling and maintenance.
  • Management of the company’s motor fleet and dispatch motorcycles, through the purchase, maintenance and renewal of vehicle papers.
  • Management of asset register, through regular inventory of all assets.
  • To ensure overall cleanliness of the offices, utilities and environment
  • Management of mail delivery system.
  • To ensure that at all times appropriate insurance covers are provided for the company’s properties.

Management of outsourced contract staff as follows:

  • Supervision of Dispatch Riders for efficient delivery of mails.
  • Supervision of the activities of security operatives, by liaising with the provider to ensure adequate training and kitting needs are met.
  • Supervision of Front Office Desk/Reception, Office Assistants and Drivers.
  • Supervision of IT Providers, to ensure seamless service delivery
  • Supervision of cleaners to ensure a clean environment at all times.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV’s to:

Application Deadline: 28th February 2017.


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