CBM is an international Christian development organization, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world. CBM works in partnership with local civil society organisations, communities, government and in alliance with international organizations in Africa and the rest of the world.
We are now inviting applications for the position of:


Job Title: Strategic Plan Consultant
Strategic Plan Summary

  • Program / Project: Community based rehabilitation, Nigeria National Network (CBRN3)
  • CBM Project Number: P3068
  • Strategic Plan Purpose: The purpose of the facilitation or consultancy is to guie CVTC ELim to develop a five year strategic plan
  • Commissioning Organisation/Contact person: CBM Nigeria Country office/Toyin Aderemi
  • Strategic Plan Team members (if known): To be determined by CVTC ELim
  • Primary Methodology (eg Qualitative, Quantitative): The methodology will be jointly determined by the consultant and CVTC ELim. It will be participatory, and will review the current program/state of CVTC Elim, envision its future program, develop stategies and formulations of its implementation
  • Proposed Strategic Plan Start and End Dates: 15th June 2017 – 7th September 2017.
  • Anticipated Complete Strategic Plan Release Date: 7th September, 2017.


  • Christian Vocational Training Centre, Elim (CVTC Elim), Igede, started as centre-based Institution for rehabilitation of children with disabilities and later became a Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation programme in 1990. It is situated in in Oju town in Oju local government area of Benue state. The project mainly serves the rural population of Oju and Obi local government areas of the state. The Igede people of Benue state occupy both local government areas.
  • The local governments are predominately rural in setting with low levels of economic activities. As a result, more than 65% of population of both local government areas live below the poverty line of less than one US Dollar per day. CVTC Elim provides the following services with support from CBM: Inclusive Education for hearing and intellectually impaired, eye and orthopaedic surgery, vocational training and livelihoods support, advocacy for the rights of persons with eligibilities, home-based therapy and early intervention and community hygiene and empowerment. CVTC Elim provides the following services with support from other organisations other than CBM: life skills training and sexuality education, evangelism and income generating projects for CVTC Etim. A Dutch based organisation provides support to CVTC Elim in addition to CBM.
  • In order to strengthen CVTC Elim as an organisation and its partnership with CBM, CBM is engaging a consultant to guide and facilitate the development of strategic multi-year plan by CVTC to set a long-term sustainable development plan for the project and a tool to engage to with potential donors. The multi- year plan is expected to extend over five years from 2018 to 2022.

Objective of the Consultancy and Scope of Work

  • The overall objective of this consultancy is to support cvrc Eliot to develop a five-year strategic plan that will guide the fulfilment of the organisation’s mandate in a sustainable manner.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Analyse the present status of CVTC Elim, in relation to her work environment
  • Envision where CVTC Elim wants to be in the next five years
  • Set strategies for getting there and
  • Formulate the implementation plan, including resource needed and to review the strategic plan before implementation.

The scope of work includes, but not limited to, supporting CVIC Elim to:

  • Review the vision and mission based on current realities and best global development practices
  • Undertake country and I or Benue State situation analysis, including PESTEL in regards to disability inclusion and CBR
  • Undertake stakeholders mapping and analysis
  • Undertake a situation analysis of CVTC Elim operations to date
  • Undertake gaps analysis of CVTC Elim current operations
  • Through a consultative process and application of an appropriate tool of analysis, identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives and key result areas for the same;
  • Review the institutional capacity, organizational set-up, financial and administrative systems against CVTC Elim’s mandate and align the strategic plan to the findings of the organisational capacity assessment.
  • Propose a strategy for achieving the strategic objectives and key results
  • Develop a Results and Resources Framework for the plan period.
  • Develop resource needs for the strategic plan
  • Identify funding potentials to meet the resource needs
  • Organise workshop to validate the draft strategic plan including a review of the multi-year plan.
  • Finalize the strategic plan and share with relevant stakeholders

Aproach / Strategy

  • The consultant will guide the development of the strategic plan by CVTC Elim within the available budget, in collaboration with CBM. The intention of the consultancy is not to develop the strategic plan for CVTC, rather to mentor and guide the CVTC team to do so. To start with, the consultant will raise awareness of CVTC regarding the need for a strategic plan.
  • This will help CVTC to understand the importance of a strategic plan, create ownership of the strategic plan and empower the organisation. Subsequently, the consultant would provide mentorship as s/he accompanies CVTC Elim to develop her own strategic plan. While s/he is not supposed to develop the strategic plan by himself/herself, he would prepare the background analysis. Furthermore, the consultant would support the leadership leant of CVTC Elim to develop a strategy that suits their organisational needs.
  • The strategic plan process will take a participatory approach by involvement of programme stakeholders, especially the beneficiaries (primary, secondary and tertiary), partners, networks, government and donors. Programme staff and partners will play a strong role in the plan.
  • The consultant is expected to submit a brief inception report where a plan strategic plan methodology should be proposed.

Management Responsibility
Commissioning Responsibility:

  • CBM is responsible for commissioning the consultancy for the strategic plan development process. The strategic plan terms of reference were developed through a collaborative process by CBM CO. in consultation with the project stakeholders, RU and CBM UK. CBM CO gave the final approval on the strategic plan terms of reference. The consultant will0be identified and approved in consultation with the RU. The consultant will develop an inception report for review and approval by CBM CO/RU.
  • CBM CU will be responsible for the overall management of the strategic plan development process, checking that quality standards are met. ensuring the strategic plan conclusions and recommendations are communicated effectively. The draft strategic plan will be shared with CBM CO/RU and CBM UK for review and feedback, The final strategic plan draft will be sent to CBM CO/RU and CBM UK for approval and sign off. The final instalment of consultant’s fees will be disbursed following sign off by CBM CO/RU and CBM UK.
  • CBM CU and CVTC Eliot will ensure that the process of the development of the strategic plan is participatory, and include different stakeholders, including the project beneficiaries. CVTC Elim will disseminate the strategic plan to all relevant stakeholders.

The Consultant
The consultant must be an experienced mentor, who would guide CVTC Eliot through the process of the development of her own strategic plan. S/he would be experienced in the development of strategic plan for similar organisations. S/he should be familiar with disability inclusive practices, and willing to sign CBM’s child safeguarding policy prior to any work.
The Consultant would report directly to:

  • The Project Director, Christian Vocational Training Centre-Elim
  • The Country Representative, CBM Nigeria CO

Academic Qualifications
The consultant would be selected based on the following criteria:

  • At least, a Master’s degree in a relevant field such as Sociology, Public Policy or Development Studies


  • At least five years professional experience in strategic planning and management
  • Proven experience in evaluating similar programmes
  • Demonstrated experience in working with government partners and other stakeholders in public sector, development programs, especially in the area of capacity development

Skills and Competencies:

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • High level written and oral communications skills in English
  • Must be result-oriented, a team player, exhibiting high levels of enthusiasm, tact, diplomacy and integrity
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and professional skills in interacting with government and development partners
  • Skills in facilitation of stakeholder engagements/workshops
  • Evidence of having undertaken similar assignments
  • Experience in research, policy development, management and programming- related work

Coordination and Logistics
The CBM CO has responsibility for the following:

  • Overall management of the consultancy
  • Consultant’s recruitment
  • Sharing relevant resources on strategic plan development
  • Final debriefing with the consultant and CVTC Elim
  • Communicate the final outcome to RO and CBM UK
  • Reimbursing consultant’s travel costs
  • Organising consultant’s accommodation and feeding in Abuja at the maximum daily rate of N20,000

CVTC Elim has responsibility for:

  • Gathering of document and data for strategic plan development
  • Organising consultant’s logistics, including local transportation at project site
  • Mobilising her staff and stakeholders to participate in the process
  • Organising meetings and workshops
  • Provision of guidance on security and safety to the consultant

Consultant has responsibility for:

  • Pre-financing his/her transport, accommodation and feeding, while CBM CO reimburses upon submission of an invoice and supporting documents (accommodation and feeding in Benue State is at the maximum daily rate of N15,000 in Benue State)
  • See objective of the consultancy and scope of work above


  • First Inception report is prepared by 15th June2017
  • A background analysis by 30th June 2017
  • A draft strategic plan, produced by Elim not later than 10th July 2017
  • A final strategic plan, produced by Elim not later than 11th August 2017
  • PowerPoint presentation, summarizing the final strategic plan report 22nd August 2017
  • A second Inception Report not later than 7th September 2017.

First Inception Report

  • The Consultant is expected to submit a detailed inception report.
  • The purpose of this report is to ensure that s/he covers the most crucial elements of the exercise including the appropriateness and robust methodology to be employed.
  • The inception report provides CVTC Elim, CBM and the consultant with an opportunity to verify that they share the same understanding about the strategic plan nd clarify any misunderstanding at the outset.

Background Analysis

  • The consultant would prepare and submit a background analysis that will guide the development of the strategic plan by CVTC Elim to the organisation, CBM and other stakeholders for feedback.
  • The process should be highly participatory, involving CVTC Elim and stakeholders.
  • It is expected that the consultant would undertake this phase in such a way that CVTC learns from the process Feedback on the background analysis will be shared with the project and consultant by 10th July2017.

Draft Strategic Plan

  • The draft strategic plan must be submitted to CBMCO not later than 7th July 2017. CVTC Eliot wou develop the draft strategic plan under the mentorship of the consultant.
  • The draft strategic plan will be circulated by CVTC Eliot to key stakeholders for review and feedback on quality of quality of the plan.
  • These stakeholders will include CBM CU, CBM Regional office and CBM UK (Please name any Dutch organisation that will participate). Feedback on the draft plan will be shared with the project and consultant, not later than 11th August 2017.

Final Strategic Plan

  • The final version of the strategic plan must be submitted to CBM after review and incorporation of the various comments made by August. It is necessary that Elim signs off on the final version of the plan before submission to CBM.
  • The consultant would guide CVTC to complete the strategic plan. The strategic plan is an exclusive property of CVTC Elim, and should not be released without prior authorization to any other party.
  • The final strategic plait will be available throughCVTC Elim, as well as being specifically circulated by CVTC Eliot to the project stakeholders, including the project partners and beneficiaries if they wish to do so.

Summary of the Final Strategic Plan

  • On submission of the final strategic plan, the consultant is expected to submit a PowerPoint presentation (maximum 20 slides), summarizing the process and the key sections of the strategic plan.
  • This should be submitted together with the final strategic plan by 7 September 2017.

Duration and Phasing
Propossed Time Frame:

  • 15th june, 2017 to 7th September 2017.

Duration of Activities

  • The proposed duration of the activities and expected dates are as below. However, all the stakeholders may review this as necessary within the allocated duration and budget.

Task: Reviw and signing of contracts
Location: Anywhere
No of Days: Nil
Expected Dates: 13th – 14th June, 2017

Task: Inception report
Location: Anywhere
No of Days: 3 days (excluding weekedn)
Expected Dates: 16th – 20th June, 2017

Task: Meeting of consultant and CBM staff wirh CVTC Elim for briefing on the strategic plan
Location: CVTC ELim Oju
No of Days: 1 day
Expected Dates: 22nd June, 2017

Task: Development of background analysis (this should include stake holders consultations{benefitiaries, DPOs, Govt, churches})
Location: Project sites
No of Days: 14 days
Expected Dates: 26th – 7th July, 2017

Task: Share background analysis with CVTC, CBM and other stakeholders
Location: Email
No of Days: 1 day
Expected Dates: 10th July, 2017.

Task: Recieve feedback on background analysis
Location: Email
No of Days: 3 days
Expected Dates: 10th – 24th July, 2017

Task: Incorporate Feedback
Location: Anywhere
No of Days: 2 days
Expected Dates: 24th – 26th July, 2017

Task: Support/Mentor CVTC to develop a strategicplan
Location: CVTC’s offices
No of Days: 5 days
Expected Dates: 27th July – 3rd August 2017.

Task: CVTC developes her own plan
Location: anywhere
No of Days: 5 days
Expected Dates: 4th – 10 August 2017.

Task: CVTC shares draft strategic plan with CBM and other stakeholders
Location: email
No of Days: 1 day
Expected Dates: 11th August, 2017.

Task: Recieve feedback on draft strategic plan
Location: email
No of Days: 3 days
Expected Dates: 14th – 16th August, 2017.

Task: CVTC finalise the strategic plan and prepare a Powerpoint presentation
Location: Anywhere
No of Days: 5 days
Expected Dates: 16th – 22nd August, 2017.

Task: Consultant supports the process of finalising the strategic plan
Location: TBD
No of Days: 5 days
Expected Dates: 23rd – 29th August, 2017.

Task: Support validation workshop for the process of the strategic plan
Location: TBD
No of Days: 2 days
Expected Dates: 30th – 31st August, 2017.

Task: CVTC submits final version after validation
Location: Via email
No of Days: 1 day
Expected Dates: 6th September, 2017

Task: Inception report before commencement of implementation of project in June 2018
Location: CVTC Elim Oju
No of Days: 1 day
Expected Dates: 7 September, 2017

Total no of consultancy days:

Costs and Payments

  • The consulfent shall submit to CBM, an expression of interest indicating the daily rates for the assignment.
  • CBM wilinegotiate with them the final fees in line with the budget available for this strategic plan and based on the experience of the chosen candidates

Schedule of Payment:

  • Signing Contract: First advance of 20%
  • Submission of draft strategic plan: Second advance of 30%
  • Approval of final strategic plan and PowerPoint Summary by CBM Country office and CBM UK (50%)

Mode Payment: Bank Transfer


  • Consultant would be selected on a rolling basis
  • CBM ‘is an equal opportunities employer, and particularly encourages quahfled people living with disability to apply.
  • The consultant shall commit to CBM’s Child Safeiarding Policy.
  • If you have any questions about the terms of reference please contact Omoi Ozovehe Samuel on the above email address.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should submit via email the following:

  • A cover letter indicating interest
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A short summary of your understanding of the brief
  • Proof of previous engagement in similar assignments
  • A technical offer, which must include the methods, the plan and the timeframe. It would also be an opportunity for the consultant to challenge the terms of reference, tind offer options
  • A financial offer, including a budget for the strategic plan

The application should be sent to: jobs.nigeria@cbm.org , samuel.omoi@cbm.org and eboh2@yahoo.com titled “statement of interest: Strategic Plan Consulant” in the subject line

Application Deadline: 18th April, 2017.


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