Last Thursday, my Facebook wall was swamped with pictures of ex-corpers with their discharge certificates and lots of beaming smiles. It made me reminisce about my own experience and how things were so different then. Optimistically, we all looked forward to getting into the ‘labor market’ and landing that big job within a few weeks. However, the wait is usually a little (or a lot) longer. What can you do in the meantime? There were some odd jobs that the very sound of them made us cringe. However, it seems those jobs are the most readily available. And they pay too. Here’s a quick rundown of 3 of such odd jobs.

  • Teacher: That’s the most disdainful job you could offer a new graduate. However, it’s one of the most readily available jobs. Considering that the recent Federal Government N-Power Scheme has drained about 150,000 teachers (forget the myth of the program being for only the unemployed), schools are desperate for teachers. You could even have your pick now. In addition, reality is dawning on many proprietors and salaries are going up. A good secondary school could offer you between N35,000 and N45,000 per month in most states. While it might not be the same as the N5 million a month job you planned for, it gives you time and some cash to keep you going.
  • Freelance Writer: The very mention of the word freelance to a Nigerian parent evokes all manner of insults. This is mainly because they believe freelance is equal to lazy. They have instilled the must-go-to-the-office mentality in us and so freelance seems like a way of avoiding work to them. However, several freelance writers are paid good money, especially as the world continues its digital revolution. More being online and less physically. And best of all, your skills speak for you not your class of degree. The down with the job, however, is its unsteady nature. A freelance could make N50,000 or more a month sitting at home.
  • Administrative Support: Yes, a posh name for a secretary or personal assistant, but it does pay. And it’s easier to find a job like this. Especially if you are female. With the basic university degree in almost any course, you could land this job and cart away as much as N100,000 monthly depending on the company. Furthermore, it allows you to grow your connection as you meet more people.
    So, there you have it. While you continue to wait for the hit job, why not busy yourself with any of these and be productive while you are at it. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to drop them below.


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