Finding the right job in Nigeria today is a difficult task. As a result, many people take up whatever comes their way. While this sounds like the sensible path at first, later on frustration, a lack of motivation and other problems come in and more often than not show in the job performance. Very soon, the boss notices and they’re back unemployed. If your job has any of the following characteristics, this could well refer to you.

Paying your bills was the only reason you took the job

While ensuring that your bills are catered for is a critical part of considering a job offer, if that was the ONLY reason you took the job, then it likely the job is below your skill set. Very soon, you could find yourself demotivated. The trick to solving this is to quickly admit that you need another job you care about and make plans towards getting that job

The job you’re not qualified for

Maybe it’s daddy’s call or you just got fortunate, but deep down you know you don’t possess the required skills to succeed at the job. Be frank with yourself and admit his. Instead of hiding behind subordinates or running back to daddy, try to develop the required skills. Use the Internet, learn from co-workers, read books- do whatever is necessary to learn them. You could just survive.

No chance of career advancement

There are some jobs that provide little to no opportunities for career advancement. A prime example is teaching in the private sector. While this may take care of immediate needs, many times, employers have no provision to improve the careers of their staff. Do not become complacent just because your immediate needs are being catered for. Continue your job search, grow your network and let people know you are still searching for a better job.

The job with the unbearable boss

There are just bosses like that. You have done all you can to please him, but he just doesn’t like you. Everything is a reason for a quarrel- your text formatting to the color of your skirt. That job can’t last long. One of you will soon snap and most likely you’ll be the one who has to go. Try meeting personally with the boss to resolve matters. If that’s unfruitful, start searching for another job immediately.

Good at first, worse later

The interview and the first weeks were peachy and then it seemed like you had found the perfect job. That is, until all other kinds of demands not included in the job description start coming up. And they continue to come up until you realize this was definitely not what you wanted. Look for ways of making the workplace a satisfying place while you explain your concerns amicably with your boss. If you find that there’s no change, as usual, start looking for another job.


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