Graduate Job Opportunities at Solidarites International

Solidarites International – For over 35 years, the humanitarian aid organization Solidarites International has been committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Our mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs: drinking water, food and shelter.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

solidarites international job

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Location: Borno
Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Administrative Management of Personnel:
  • Welcome and participate in administrative briefing of new personnel
  • Assist the administrator for the administrative management of recruitment and hiring
  • Participate in the organization of training
  • Issue pay slips and supervise payment of salaries after approval by the administrator
  • Calculate taxes and duties and create pay records for the relevant organizations
  • Keep an organization chart up to date for the base
  • Assist the administrative in the organization and conduct of meetings with personnel representatives
  • Participate in the application of policies relating to salaries and benefits for Solidarités International
  • Monitor changes in the cost of living
  • Ensure archiving and monitoring of individual dossiers and deliver all documents relative to the professional life of Solidarités International employees
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all HR datas
  • Participate in the monitoring of work contracts on the base
  • Collect payment details and integrate them into the Human resources management  software (Homère)

Team Management:

  • Train and support team members under his or her supervision
  • Ensure the minimal replacement of members of the admin services in case of absence (days of, sickness etc.)

Treasury / Accounting / Management:

  • Supervise the physical maintenance and safety of cash boxes
  • Prepare monthly closing, revision and integrity of accounts for the base
  • Issue vouchers, supervise archiving of records
  • Record budgetary transfers and keep accounting codes
  • Verify, before recording, that records conform to regulations and procedures of Solidarités International
  • Translate accounting documents if necessary
  • Exchange currencies at request of superiors
  • Verify cash balances daily and report any discrepancies to superior
  • Archive accounting records according to Solidarités International procedures after a final verification of receipts etc.
  • Guarantee security of the cash and confidentiality of information
  • Participate in audits or any checks issued by partners or head office, at the base level
  • Participate in the consolidation of budget follow ups and cash forecasts at the base level
  • Monitor due dates for payments of contracts managed by the administrative coordinator
  • List liquidity needs in concert with the admin coordinator
  • Carry out pay-outs and advances, within established guidelines
  • Keep the registry of cash pay-outs and the cashier’s register

Reporting / Communication:

  • Participate in supervision of regulations in effect
  • Aid admin coordinator in relations with administrative authorities
  • Any other tasks as assigned.

Profile Required

  • Training: Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Human Resources, Accountancy or any related discipline.
  • Languages: English, Kanuri and/or Hausa
  • Professional experience: Previous experience in relevant jobs will be appreciated.
  • IT skills: Strong knowledge of MS Office tool pack (Word, Excel)
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to be flexible.
  • Personal qualities: Ability to work under stressful situation and under specific security context, Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills.

ORG CHART Position (reporting and functional relationships):

  • Line manager:  Head of Base Log/Admin
  • Line report(s) on base:
  • Functional manager: Head of Base Log/Admin
  • Functional report(s):

Profile required:

  • University degree in Business and administration, diploma.
  • Ability to work under pressure and emergency
  • Fully computer literate,
  • Good Knowledge in English and local language
  • Minimum 3 years of working  experience in HR and administration  similar activities
  • Relevant experience on similar position with other NGOs will be highly appreciated
Job Title: Purchaser Officer
Location: Maiduguri
Responsibilities and Tasks

  • The purchase officer carries out the purchases for the programs and structure at mission level.
  • He/she is one of the guarantors for implementing and respecting Solidarites International purchase procedures.
  • He/she is responsible for filing and archiving logistics documents linked to purchases.
  • List of principal activities

Knowledge and monitoring of the Market:

  • Take part in the analysis of the local purchasing environment
  • Update price lists and supplier files

Implementation of Purchasing Process:

  • Receive and process requests for quotes and IOFs after verification and approval by his/her line manager
  • Implement purchases while respecting the rules and approval  procedures established by donors and Solidarités International
  • Ensure that products purchased correspond to the requirements of the purchase officer’s requirements in terms of quantity and quality
  • Ensure that the format of, and information on quotes and invoices comply with regulations
  • Ensure compliance with administrative procedures for the management of advances and payment of suppliers
  • Establish and archive purchasing files in accordance with the rules of Solidarités International and its donors
  • Monitor and update IOFs electronically


  • Ensure the compilation of price lists and suppliers
  • Ensure the monitoring of IOF requests and inform purchase officers of the status of their orders

Organisationnel Chart position:

  • Line Manager: Procurement Manager
  • Line Report(s) (on Base)

Profile Required

  • Training: Ordinary National Diploma in purchasing and supply, logistic, business administration or equivalent
  • Languages: English, Kanuri, Haussa is a plus
  • IT skills : Microsoft software practise (word, Excel)
  • Professional experience: Purchase and procurement, experience with NGO is a plus.
  • Personal qualities: Dynamic, organized, methodical, team spirit, meticulous.
Job Title: Multi-sector Program Manager Assistant
Job Type: Full Time
Responsibilities and Tasks

  • The Multisector Program Manager Assistant is in charge of supporting the Multisector program manager towards the good implementation, achievement and reporting of the objectives defined in the proposals;
  • He / She guarantees the proper coordination mechanisms are in place inside the operational teams (water supply, water quality, sanitation, public health, hygiene promotion), in Monguno Borno state, and in cooperation with the multisector program manager.

List of Principal Activities

  • Project relevance, quality and design
  • Contribute to establishing operational assessment and evaluations activities;
  • Contribute to define SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s local strategy and contribute to the annual programming by proposing new activities, especially activities targeting vulnerable people and IDPs in Monguno Borno State;
  • Responsible to propose and guarantee quality approach mechanism are in place for the programs to ensure transparency accountability of SI activities;
  • Support the writing of technical annexes and chapters (including the logical framework) for the proposals;
  • Support the implementation of the activities in compliance with the annual operational strategy and SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s technical requirements;
  • Participate in evaluating the relevance of the activities carried out, as well as the effectiveness of the interventions and their appropriateness with respect to contextual development and the population’s needs;
  • Propose to the multisector program manager adjustments to the programs, if necessary;
  • Participate in building the teams abilities with respect to techniques or new methodologies;

Implementation and Operational Monitoring:

  • Support the Project Team Leaders in planning their operational activities;
  • Meet the deadlines and adhere to predefined quality specifications;
  • Support the Multisector Program Manager in ensuring the project management, monitoring and evaluation tools are in each operational department;
  • Propose quality criteria and monitoring indicators for programs;
  • Anticipate any issues linked with carrying out the activities and help to resolve any problems related to the activities;
  • Suggest any adjustments to be made to the activity depending on contextual and indicator developments;

Institutional Knowledge Building – IKB:

  • Use the IKB tools proposed by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL;
  • Participate in the centralization, validation, and distribution of procedures, guidelines and tools linked to the multisector activities;
  • Build up on SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (and stakeholders) intervention methods and techniques;
  • To ensure that project files are complete, regularly updated, and saved on the Base external hard drive;
  • Define the prerequisites for opened WASH positions together with the Multisector Program Manager;
  • Greet and brief the new staff working on the program;
  • In collaboration with the Multisector Program Manager, set up technical trainings depending on the operational needs and identified training requirements;
  • Lead working groups and thematic meetings with the support of Program Manager;
  • Evaluate and assess the performance of colleagues under his / her direct supervision on a regular basis;
  • Ensure adherence to SI security regulations and reinforce them with his /her team.

Reporting/ Communication / Representation:

  • Pass upward to the Multisector Program Manager / Coordination team any information on the security situation or on any event that could impact SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL activities and safety of the teams;
  • Support the drafting of activities reports and amendments (including any annexes relating to specific activities) for the financial donors, local authorities and for internal purposes (weekly and monthly reports) by compiling all the operational data before sending them to the Multisector Program Manager;
  • Ensure that all reports required by the Multisector Program Manager are delivered on time and in the correct format;
  • In his / her assignment area, might be appointed to represent SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL at meeting or forums concerning the activities;
  • In collaboration with the Multisector Program Manager, and administrative department, support the preparation of administrative documents (MoU, handover, etc.) to be jointly signed with government authorities, communities or partner’s;

Organizational Chart Position (Reporting and Functional Relationships):

  • Line manager: Multisector Program Manager
  • Functional manager: Multisector Program Manager
  • Functional report(s): Operation Team.

Profile Required

  • University degree in water and sanitation or Civil engineering or Environmental or Public health Engineering / Water resources development or in one of the civil engineering disciplines of water supply and hydrology or sanitation.
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in planning implementing similar activities
  • Relevant experience FSL and Shelter
  • Relevant experience on deep borehole drilling and development will be highly appreciated
  • Ability to work under pressure and emergency
  • Fully computer literate,
  • Good knowledge on drawing it’s a plus
  • Good Knowledge in local language.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their application (CV, cover letter, photocopies of diplomas, certificates of employment etc) to: or in Monguno Solidarites International office.

Application Deadline  19th June, 2017.


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