BBC World Service Massive Job in Nigeria

The BBC, is the leading international broadcaster in Africa reaching a weekly audience of more than 100 million on Radio, TV, Digital (language sites and, Mobile and Social Media. We broadcast to Africa in English, Hausa, Somali, French, Kinyarwanda/Kirundi, Kiswahili & Arabic.

BBC World MAssive Jobs

We are committed to broadcasting to and from the continent in a style that meets the demands of our growing audience and as well as our language services, our presence in the region is also defined by our bureaux, special correspondents and bilingual reporters.

We are recruiting to fill the following vacant positions below:

  1. Junior Designer, Infographics & UX (Nigeria Hub) 
  2. Interactive Journalist, Visual Journalism WS Languages, (Africa) Hub 
  3. Broadcast Journalist, Igbo 
  4. Senior Broadcast Journalist, Igbo Service 
  5. Editor, Igbo Service 
  6. Digital Technical Producer 
  7. Broadcast Journalist (Planning) 
  8. Senior Broadcast Journalist (Planning) 
  9. Senior Broadcast Journalist, Yoruba Service 
  10. Editor, BBC Yoruba Service 
  11. Growth Editor – BBC Africa 
  12. Social Media Visual Artist 
  13. Senior Broadcast Journalist, Digital, (Team Leader) 
  14. Women Affairs Journalist 
  15. Broadcast Journalist (Digital) 
  16. Broadcast Journalist (video), BBC Yoruba 
  17. Senior Broadcast Journalist (social media), Yoruba 
  18. Broadcast Journalist (video), BBC Pidgin 
  19. Senior Broadcast Journalist (social media) Pidgin 
  20. Senior Broadcast Journalist (social media), Igbo 
  21. Broadcast Journalist (video), BBC Igbo 
  22. Head of West Africa Languages


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