Due to the high unemployment rate in the country, the task of recruitment is most times, as harrowing an experience as job hunting itself. Only one vacancy and thousands of applications to sift from. In addition, the rapid growth of the Internet has made it possible for job seekers to apply for jobs in various locations. As a result, recruiters are looking more and more towards phone interviews as a way of trimming the number of applicants they have. Also, phone interviews reduce the cost of transportation applicants (many of whom will not get the job) have to spend. TO ensure that you handle phone interviews properly, these are a few steps to consider.

  • Make sure you prepare well: As a result of the informal nature of a phone interview, many find that their level of preparation is not as thorough as during a formal interview. Do not fall into that trap! Rather, use the opportunity to research properly about the company. In addition, you have the opportunity to consult notes during phone interviews, so make sure you have enough info to have a meaningful discussion with the potential employers. Set up the environment ins such a manner that keeps you relaxed. Ensure your phone’s battery is well charged
  • Keep distractions away: Just because you are not facing the interviwer in his office does not mean that you should drag all 4 of you kids into the same room with you where you are having the interview. Keep all such noise-making distractions as kids, your other phones outside earshot. In addition, shut off all notifications on the phone you are having the interview on. Those beeps may be annoying to the interviewer.
  • Keep notes: Just as in any lecture in the university, it is important to keep notes of things that you feel might be helpful for you later. Similarly, if somethings they mention seem unclear, put them down so that you can ask them to clarify these areas later on.
  • Handle unplanned events properly: No matter how much planning you out into it, the truth is that some events can surface without a moment’s notice- your baby starts crying, your neighbor decides to visit, or signal goes bad. If any of such unplanned events occur, explain to the interviewer and ask for a minute to handle it. Of course, let you one minute be one minute.
  • Plan your concluding statements well: As with a face-to-face interview, ensure that you plan your concluding comments properly. Let them show that you are serious about the job position and the recruitment process. You could ask for a time frame within which to get a reply from the interviewer.
  • It’s not yet over!: For most Nigerians, the interview ends the second the call is dropped. However, this should not be the case. Rather, ensure that you send a thank-you text or mail, within a few hours of completing the interview. Even if you do not end up hearing from them, your organized and polite manner will be evident.

With these areas covered, you do not need to fear phone interviews. Rather, they can serve as an advantage due to the less formal atmosphere. That is in addition to saving you high transport costs.


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