Job Recruitment at the British Council
Job Recruitment at the British Council

Current Vacancies at The British Council

The British Council is the world’s leading cultural relations organization and creates opportunities for people in the UK and worldwide to understand each other, to work together and learn from one another. We see this as crucial to building secure, more prosperous and sustainable futures for us all. We build trust and understanding between different countries and cultures and develop strong international links that are of benefit to people in Britain and the rest of the world.

We are recruiting to fill the below position below:

Job Title: Monitoring, Evaluation and Results Manager
Locations: Abuja, Kano or Port Harcourt
Role Type: Advisory, Policy and Expertise
Pay Band: 6
Duration: Indefinite
Reports to: Director Research
Role Purpose

  • To provide support for business planning, monitoring and evaluation of results for the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and operational teams to use to demonstrate impact and make continuous improvements.
  • To support Director Research commission and manage research projects and disseminate the findings to key stakeholders and audience groups.  .
  • To drill down and present data on request that supports business cases and proposals for investment in new products, projects and services.

This Role will

  • Use  corporate monitoring and evaluation tools (i.e. the Results and Evidence Framework [REF] and other evaluation methods) to help teams  plan, monitor and present results on performance
  • Contribute to research projects
  • Help embed a culture of effective operational performance measurement and evaluation across the whole operation including all strategic business units (SBUs).

Geopolitical/SBU/Function Overview

  • By 2050 the population of Sub-Saharan Africa will be 2 billion people, with the majority living in an urban environment. The region will have a middle class the size of Europe. About 70% of the population is under the age of 25, and this demographic will grow at 15% year on year for the next 10 years. Generally the region is becoming more politically stable. There are on average 50 elections each year, many of which are more open and transparent than before. The majority of countries in SSA are developing economies. Gender inequality remains and life for women and girls on the continent remains challenging.
  • In Nigeria, the British Council has a substantial portfolio of well-established and developing programmes that reach over 18% of the national population across the country. The ambition for 2020 is to reach an audience of over 100 million, which will be a substantial contribution to the British Council’s regional ambition. Central to achieving this is a standard Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning structure that contribute high quality evidence of our impact to inform better programming across all our operations in Nigeria.

Main Accountabilities
Monitoring, Evaluation and Results:

  • Contribute to planning targets for all operational projects and exams, by working with SLT / Strategic Business Unit leads and their teams
  • Oversee data collection and collation for the corporate REF to ensure coherence and integrity of data and ethical collection and recording.
  • Support inputting planning and results data on systems to organisational standards.
  • Provide planning, monitoring and evaluation reports to Senior Leadership Team, SBUs and operational teams at key planning, review and results periods and as required
  • Track results on a consistent basis, analyse and provide feedback and evidence-based recommendations to the relevant teams.
  • Provide M&E support and technical training to project staff and partners, as appropriate.
  • Support Director Research in preparing quarterly and annual impact figure reports for British Council Nigeria.
  • Manage and update map of project activities highlighting we the British Council work in Nigeria and the UK.

Support the commissioning and dissemination of British Council research by gathering information, conducting desk reviews, and supporting the management of research projects. This will include:

  • Drafting calls for tender and contracts using corporate templates and processes,
  • Organising payments and managing budgets;
  • Organising events to support dissemination of research outcomes
  • Managing contracts with consultants and suppliers
  • Organising and supporting meetings
  • Organising the production of research reports
  • Distributing briefs and communications to stakeholders
  • Managing key contacts for the Research Team on the CRM database
  • Supporting equality monitoring (DAF)


  • To contribute to the development and implementation of internal communications strategy through reporting to SLT and sharing of impact/success stories through various internal channels.
  • Contribute to internal and external stakeholder management through providing up-to-date information to guide colleagues and partners on progress of projects.
  • Supporting Director Research and the Information Knowledge Manager to maintain a resource bank of British Council research reports.

Professional Development:

  • Actively engage in own continuous professional development.

Key Relationships

  • Director Research, All Senior Leadership Team, programmes and Exams staff, Regional Marketing, Communications team, Regional Evaluation Manager


  • None

Role Requirements
Threshold requirements:

1.) Passport requirements/ Right to work in country

  • Right to live and work in Nigeria
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting

2.) Direct contact or managing staff working with children?

  • No
  • Assessment Stage: N/a
  • Notes: Some unsocial hours, weekend work and travel may be required.

Person Specification:
Language requirements


  • Fluency in written and spoken English – Shortlisted candidates will either demonstrate they have met the required standard through presentation of an agreed English language certificate, or will be required to take the APTIS test and demonstrate a B2 level of English proficiency.
  • Assessment stage APTIS/IELTS


  • Bachelor’s Degree.


  • Master’s degree with strong elements of Measurement & Evaluation
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting

Role Specific Knowledge & Experience

  • Excellent data management skills – Capable of reviewing data and identifying cause and effect.
  • At least five years’ experience in similar roles
  • Strong expertise in analysing quantitative data and preparing sound academic reports
  • Project and Contract Management.
  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting and/or interview


  • Excellent knowledge of data analysis software e.g. SPSS, NVIVO
  • Skill in monitoring Implementation of projects using data collection and collation tools
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting and/or interview

British Council Core Skills
Analysing data & problems (Level 2) Uses data:

  • Reviews available data and identifies cause and effect, and then chooses the best solution from a range of known alternatives.

Planning & Organising (Level 2) Plans ahead:

  • Organises own work over weeks and months, or plans ahead for others, taking account of priorities and the impact on other people.

Using technology (Level 2) Operates as an advanced user:

  • Works as an advanced practitioner in the use of office software and/or British Council standard and social media platforms and trains or coaches others in their use.

Communicating & Influencing (Level 2):

  • Relates communications to circumstances
  • Displays good listening, writing and speaking skills, setting out logical arguments clearly and adapting language and form of communication to meet the needs of different people/audiences.

Assessment Stage:

  • Shortlisting and/or Interview.

British Council Behaviours 
Working together (more demanding):

  • Ensuring that others benefit as well as me.

Being Accountable (more demanding):

  • Putting the needs of the team or British Council ahead of my own.

Making it Happen (more demanding):

  • Challenging myself and others to deliver and measure better results.

Assessment Stage;

  • Interview

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Professional Skills Centre Director
: Lagos
Role Type: Business Delivery
Pay Band: 8
Duration: Fixed Term Contract – 18 months
Reports to: Director Programmes Nigeria
Role purpose

  • To plan a sustainable and surplus driven business model for the Professional Skills Centre, Nigeria
  • To lead the development and launch of the Professional Skills Centre.
  • To build relationships with key national and UK delivery partners and suppliers, and with key internal stakeholders in Nigeria, the region and UK
  • To work effectively with colleagues in all SBUs to contribute to a holistic country programme for all customer groups and to build the whole business

Geopolitical/SBU/Function Overview
42% of Nigeria’s population is under 14. The government has recognised that its Vision 2020 must address the aspirations of this young population as part of its drive to achieve peace and prosperity. This has led to unprecedented interest and investment in Education, the Arts and good governance. This alignment with the UK’s priorities creates a growth environment for the British Council.

To be successful in this, we are building understanding with our UK stakeholders of Nigeria as an emerging economy with substantial commercial and development opportunities as well as the challenges they may be more familiar with. In this we seek to integrate our approach with that of the wider UK mission.

We are expanding and scaling up our existing programmes, contracts and services in the Arts, Education & Society, English & Examinations and developing offers to fill important gaps such as in Skills. To this end the Professional Skills Centre (PSC) is a completely new initiative to respond to the demand for quality, accredited skills training for adults to support career aspirations and enterprise development in soft skills, business development and programmes leading to recognised British qualifications.

This offer will be part of paid customer service portfolio that currently includes our Exam service, which included the delivery of 91,000 exams in 2016/17 to over 50,000 candidates. This new post will be responsible for building on the PSC design outlined in the business case and marketing it into a service ready for a soft launch by March 2018 with a number of selected products, and for putting the systems and infrastructure in place so that it can be developed in to a sustainable operation able to meet the customer demand and generate a surplus.

The PSC Director will report to Country Director or Director Programmes and to a governance Board in Nigeria of internal Directors and Country managers for Business Services, Arts, HE and Skills, Exams, Marketing and Communications and Finance. The PSC will be delivered through partners and suppliers’ premises and digital communications because the British Council operation does not have training premises to operate from.

Main Accountabilities
Business Planning and Strategy:

  • Translate the Business Plan into a strategy and work plan to deliver targets, income, reputational value and profitability for the successful first year of the PSC
  • Plan the financial, operational logistical, academic and staff resources required to deliver the strategy
  • Plan the pricing strategy based on market research and competitor analysis
  • Plan the controls required in line with BC Policy
  • Ensure compliance with standards and policy for the following areas:
    • Child protection
    • Equal Opportunity and Diversity
    • Health and safety
  • Design the launch strategy


  • With the Human Resources team plan and execute the recruitment and contracting of the management team required for the staffing model agreed by the Governance Board and Country Management Team, and proposed in the Business Plan.
  • With Human Resources (HR), plan the induction of new staff
  • Design the PSC launch schedule including marketing ,registrations, trainers, venues, materials and all logistics
  • With Head of Finance plan the registration and on line payments system for customers to use, consulting Exams team for complementarity
  • With Head of Finance, develop the systems to record sales on SAP

Academic Management:

  • Review market insight work to determine which products/services are most relevant to the local market.
  • Commission the adaption of products to suit the Nigeria market
  • Commission a suite of blended and face-to-face courses to meet target audience needs including “pathways” (groups of courses suitable for specific audiences and to be offered as packages)
  • Start to build the annual course directory for the full scale PSC.
  • Commission HR to recruit local trainers according to HR policy and carrying out due diligence and background checks.
  • Work with local HR team to ensure trainer contracts are created and sent out in a timely manner
  • Plan trainer accreditation and induction, following corporate standards
  • Ensure up-to-date knowledge of current trends in training and in the target market and the UK that can meet the customer demand.
  • Put standards in place on the quality of materials.

Marketing and Sales:

  • Decide sales targets and produce sales forecast based on agreed business plan
  • Plan the sales strategy, responsibilities and timeline with PSCN and local teams.
  • Commission and analyse local market intelligence.
  • Keep up to date with latest market/skills training trends/legislation from ministries working closely with colleagues in the Exams, Education, Skills and HE teams who also work in this space.
  • Develop in-country PSC marketing strategy (including digital) with Marketing and Communication (Marcoms) team
  • Develop marketing collateral and local campaigns, with Marcoms team
  • Complete ad hoc intelligence and market insight gathering as required.
  • Evaluate competitor products, services and marketing strategies.

Stakeholder management:

  • Maintain regular communications with internal stakeholders for the PSC, ensuring their support and interest
  • Develop a stakeholder management plan for the PSC to build relationships with prime external stakeholders who drive customers to the PSC including, existing and new BC contacts
  • Identify and manage UK partners that have an offer which can be delivered through the PSC. Negotiate contracts and agreements with them that respond to customer demand and increase sales, in collaboration with Exams team when the UK partners are Exams team clients.

Customer Services:

  • Design customer care procedures and policies to ensure that the highest of standards are met.
  • Work with the Customer Service team in Lagos to integrate the PSC into the other customer services offered
  • Ensure the payment system is easy to use and reliable.
  • Put standards in place for external venues to meet

Key Relationships

  • Internal
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Marketing and Communications team
  • Country Exams Manager and exams team
  • UK based senior management in Education and Society and English and Exams
  • PSC Global network
  • Colleagues in British Council Nigeria


  • Venues
  • Partners

Role Requirements
Threshold requirements:
1.) Passport requirements/ Right to work in country:

  • Right to live and work in Nigeria
  • Valid passport
  • Assessment stage: Shortlisting

2.) Direct contact or managing staff working with children?

  • Appropriate child protection assurance checks in accordance with British Council policy
  • Notes: Some weekend and evening work will be required to meet the demands of a busy operation and a new business area.
  • Assessment stage: N/a


  • Degree level qualification or equivalent – Essential
  • Relevant teaching qualification – Desirable
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting

Role Specific Knowledge & Experience:

  • Knowledge of the Nigeria education system – Essential
  • Knowledge of the global and Nigeria discourse on employability skills – Essential
  • Knowledge of the UK education system – Essential
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting and/or interview


  • At least 5 years’ experience of working in an adult professional skills training or other education environment – Essential
  • 3- 5 years’ experience of management in a multi-disciplinary environment, including human resources and business development – Essential
  • Experience of business start up – Desirable
  • 3 year’s marketing and sales experience – Desirable
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting and/or Interview

British Council Core Skills
Business Development:

  • Leads business development
  • Able to plan and deliver business development activities for a major and/or new market category which is significant for the Council.
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting and/or Interview

Managing People:

  • Leads a major unit
  • Leads a major business unit or function, setting its structure and processes, defining workforce requirements, promoting diversity in the workplace and shaping the workforce to meet need.

Communicating and Influencing:

  • Influences at the highest level
  • Influences and manages relationships at the highest levels to build mutual understanding, shapes perceptions of the British Council and creates positive change over the medium term.

Planning and organising:

  • Plans for the longer term
  • Shapes forward plans for 3-5 years ahead for a major unit or multiple units, taking account of British Council strategy and the need to manage contingencies, risks and impact.

Managing Finance and Resources:

  • Plans and deploys resources
  • Negotiates and agrees the resources for a defined area as part of forward planning, monitoring progress and adjusting resources or priorities to meet goals.

Managing Risk:

  • Exemplifies strategic risk management
  • Has track record of balancing and mitigating risks in strategic and business plans and of providing a clear model of best practice to the business area/function.

Managing Accounts and Partnerships:

  • Plans and leads on accounts and partnerships
  • Develops and leads on the delivery of account management and development plans across a range of stakeholders/customers/partners to deliver medium term business and/or reputational gains for both parties.

British Council Behaviours
Being Accountable:

  • Most demanding – Showing real dedication to the long-term mission of the British Council or the team
  • Assessment Stage: Shortlisting and/or Interview

Connecting with others:

  • Most demanding – building trust and understanding with people who have very different views

Working together:

  • Most demanding – Working with stakeholders to come up with solutions and gain support

Making it happen:

  • Most demanding – Achieving stretching results when faced by change, uncertainty or major obstacle

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Application Deadline  14th July, 2017.


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