Job searching can be stressful, especially because of the myriad of rules applicants are supposed to follow- from what to include in the resume to how to seat during an interview. It is almost as if the employers are scrutinizing every single detail of applicants. On the contrary, employers are also busy people who now have the added responsibility of selecting the best from an endless pool of applicants. As such, there are many things that don’t matter to many employers. Here is a list of 8 of such things.


How flashy your resume is

Worried that your resume is looking very common-place? Worry no more, so long as it is easy to read. This is true even in fields where creativity and imagination are required. For example, 78% of executives surveyed by a popular recruiting agency said they preferred traditional resumes as over designed resumes don’t use simple fonts and standard section headings, which can be distracting.

The wittiness of your cover letter

The cover letter is not meant to show you good you are with words. While you should ensure that standard grammatical rules are followed, it is not necessary to turn your cover letter into a literary piece worthy of acknowledgement by Wole Soyinka.

Irrelevant job details

It is common knowledge that the work experience demanded for many job roles are usually very daunting. However, truth is that an employer who asks for 5 years of experience is more likely to accept an applicant with 2 years of relevant experience than an applicant with 5 years of odd jobs that don’t relate to the position. So, if it doesn’t fit the job description, throw it out.

Minor interview mistakes

Even job applicants are human and we all make mistakes. So despite our best preparations, we can still make some mistakes during the interview. It may the use of a slang or forgetting to silence your phone. Employers are more interested in how applicants respond to such blunders than in the blunder itself.

How to address your cover letter

Instead of spending hours inline checking for who the current Hiring Manager for a firm is, worry yourself not. A simple “Dear Hiring Manager” will suffice as salutation. However, if a specific name is mentioned in the advert, you can use this.

If these 5 things have been turning your job applications into a long drawn-out and scary process, ease your mind. You will loses no points by adhering to them. Keep it simple, succinct and straight to the point and you’ll be fine.


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