In Nigeria today, if you are employed, you are fortunate. So fortunate in fact that any kind of complaints about what you do will earn you angry glares from unemployed friends and a query letter from your boss, depending on who listens to you. However, that does not mean that Nigerians actually love what they do. In fact, any simple survey where respondents are guaranteed of confidentiality will tell you that the majority of Nigerians actually dislike what they do. While for some, it’s clearly a mismatch from the start, for others, it’s actually a case of frustration from boredom. Given that quitting your job is definitely not an option in this economic condition, finding ways to avoid this boredom and keep ever-fresh at your job is critical. What is more, staying ever-fresh will improve your productivity and job satisfaction. If your boss is not impressed by the latter, he should be by the former. These are 4 tips that can help you achieve this.

Switch up your space

It is most likely you have some personal workspace to yourself-a desk, cubicle or an office. Once in a while, take a few minutes or hours to change the look of things once in a while. When you stay with the same setup for a long time, the very expectation of meeting nothing new is enough to bore you before getting to your workplace. Try to switch up your environment within the boundaries you have. Change the direction of your desk, move your PC to a new angle, restructure where you cabinets are or whatever else comes to your mind. Doing this once in a while helps to refresh your mind, improve your creativity and productivity.

Alter your schedule a bit

Doing the same things at the same time every day for a long time will get you bored and restless in no time. Hence, find ways to alter your schedule a bit. While the workplace has standard operating procedures and the like, it is still likely that you find some ways of altering your schedule without breaking the laws. For example, if you are a delivery driver, instead of starting from point A to point B every day, consider starting from B to A once in a while. These simple alterations can bring much needed freshness into your job.

Take frequent short breaks

While it seems at times that your boss gives you enough tasks to last 24 hours, research has shown that taking short breaks actually increases productivity instead of reduce it. So while it may seem like a waste of time, you will get more done within the time you are on the job. These breaks need not be long- it could just be a 5-minute break to chat with a colleague or grab a bite. One more thing- you may as well forget the break if you still put your mind on your work while at it. TO get the best results, zone your mind out completely from the task you are working on and have a ‘total reboot’ as it were.

Work backwards once in a while

Move from problem to solution. From primary school right up to our university days, that’s the direction we have been thought to think in. It’s usually more of the same at the workplace, which can be boring. Why not try reversing things a little? Look at things within the context of your field and see how they solve particular problems. This makes you look at things from a different direction. The advantages- you see things in a new light, you have a new challenge to look forward to and you are more likely to come up with new ideas.




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