know how to blend into that new job

What to do blend into your new job

Being the new guy has always and will probably always remain an uncomfortable spot to be in. At this point everything seems surreal and you may not get a hang of work just yet. Co-workers don’t make it easy either. Don’t fret; below are 4 easy ways for you to blend into your new job environment.

Gather enough information before going in

You have o know as much as possible about the work environment and the workers. Don’t disregard small talks you’ve heard but don’t base your actions on baseless rumors. When you do start work, be observant. Pick up on etiquettes, traditions and quirks in and around the company. This information will help you blend in better.

Be approachable and respectful

Your facial expression and your stance might sometimes be the reason why your colleagues are being distant and cold towards you. Always wear a kind smile and keep a positive vibe about you that will make you seem approachable; beyond that, show respect to everyone irrespective of their station at work. Learn to be polite; address people with ma/sir and use please and thank you frequently.

Work twice as hard

Hard work always pays off. As the newbie, you need to put in more effort at work. Your output should be twice as much without giving off an air of arrogance. Work hard but with humility. Nothing attracts attention like success. When you are doing great at work, your colleagues will be forced hold a conversation with you

Accept and offer help

From time to time, go to your colleagues for help or clarification. At other times, offer them your help. Engage in conversations when possible (avoid all talks about your bosses or gossip about other colleagues). Always listen but don’t be quick with your responses. Think through your responses before you open your mouth.

Remember that you are the new guy so don’t take any pranks to heart. Don’t hold grudges either. As much as a healthy joke is accepted from time to time, do not allow yourself to be bullied. Play your part in a better relationship with your colleagues for overall success of the company.



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