Finance and Business Development Manager Urgently Needed at an IT Infrastructure Company

Our client is a world class business to business IT Infrastructure company in Lagos whose niche of business
includes, Data center management, Internet connectivity & Fiber optic cabling, Hardware training and
installations, Cyber security enablement among turnkey subsea telecommunication cable installation
The Finance and Business Development /Marketing Manager provides both operational and planning supports to
the organization. The Manager supervises the Accounts/ Procurement unit and is the financial spokesperson for
the organization. He/she reports directly to the Group Executive Director and directly assists the Chief Operating
Officer (COO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis,
forecasting needs, the securing of new funding, business planning and accounting efforts of the company. Also co-
ordinates the planning and development of the Marketing unit.
Responsible for the overall management of all strategic and operational Marketing & Customer Relationship
activities. Oversees marketing issues, develops marketing policies and targets.
▪ Assist in performing all tasks necessary to achieve the organization’s mission and help execute staff
succession and growth plans.
Drive increased revenue and profit to achieve the Company`s ambitious growth
Develop new business (Products & Services) in order to assist the Group
Executive Director and COO in identifying new funding opportunities, analyze financial statements to
pinpoint potential weak areas, and determining cost effectiveness of prospective project and service
Oversee the Submission of Bids/proposal, Collection of order/Payment, Invoicing all sales and supplying
all clients accordingly.
Train the Accounts/ Finance Unit, marketing and business development teams and other staff on raising
awareness and knowledge of financial management matters and marketing plan.
Granting confidential treatment to all information accessed by virtue of the position.
Other duties as assigned
Develop and manage key account plans, marketing budgets and to build a strong communication
platform with customers of the diverse industries.
Take ownership of the management of the sales,
Oversee marketing campaigns, marketing functions of the business and provide market feedback to the
company leadership.
Build closer relationships with potential clients and maintain a real-time understanding of clients
underlying needs and the Telecommunication and IT products & servicing marketplace .
Owning the client proposition process, from matching client needs identified during the sales process to
company resources, to shaping , writing and delivering the proposition, closing the deal and ensuring the
clients benefits from the promised service.
Seeking out additional opportunities through existing contacts, a proactive approach and innovative
Developing and managing customer services and public relations.
Manage the proposal, contract negotiation and assess the benefits of all prospective contracts and advise
the Executive Team on financial matters.
Ensure adequate controls are installed and that substantiating documentation is approved and available
such that all purchases may pass independent and governmental audits.
Provide the COO with an operating budget. Work with the COO to ensure success through cost analysis
support, and compliance with all contractual and accounting processes requirements. This includes
1) interpreting accounting and contractual rules and regulations to ensure compliance with all
governmental and contractual guidelines,
2) monitoring compliance.
Create, coordinate, and evaluate the financial programs and supporting information systems of the
company to include budgeting, tax planning, project execution and conservation of assets.
Coordinate changes and improvements in automated financial and management information systems for
the company, and ensure records systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing
Monitor banking activities and ensure a good banking relationship.
Oversee the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization including:
organizational revenue/expense and balance sheet reports, development and monitoring of
organizational and contractual/sales budgets.
Develop and maintain systems of internal controls to safeguard financial assets of the organization.
Oversee the coordination and activities of independent auditors ensuring all audit issues are resolved,
and all compliance issues are met, and the preparation of the annual financial statements is in
accordance with federal, state and other required supplementary schedules and information.
Attend Board and Subcommittee meetings; including being the lead staff on the Audit/Finance
Oversee business insurance plans, health care coverage analysis, administration and financial reporting
of the organization’s Pension and Retirement Plan.
Oversee the production of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports, as well as financial statements
and cash flow projections for use by Executive management, as well as the Board of Directors.
Assist in the design, implementation, and timely calculations of salaries and wage incentives, and oversee
payroll activity for staff.
Oversee Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and ensure a timely recovery plan is in place to cater
for adequate cash flow to meet the organization’s needs.
Oversee the maintenance of the inventory of all fixed assets, including assets purchased for both
organization and project’s requirement need.
Champion the design, development and execution of business strategies for marketing the organization’s
products and services with effective sales team and maintain database of individual customers, corporate
and international organizations.
Review market trends and make appropriate recommendations to enable management take key business
decisions and Provide prompt periodic sales report to management.
Maintain and develop industry knowledge including awareness of emerging companies, products and
industry leaders.
Working with all departments to ensure smooth implementation of new business wins.
▪ At least 7 or 10 years relevant experience in IT/ Telecoms field
▪ Science/Engineering background.
Candidates applying for positions should possess:
Excellent knowledge of company’s business procedures and objectives.
Experience in strategic planning and execution. Knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change
Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles including.
1) Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
2) Knowledge of automated financial and accounting reporting systems.
3) Knowledge of federal and state financial regulations. Ability to analyze financial data and prepare
financial reports, statements, and projections.
Drive to stay ahead of changes in technology and visioning and planning skills to foresee opportunities
created by technology to improve the network, create new services and utilize new products to stay
ahead of the telecom evolution curve.
professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills able to persuade and motivate.
Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight timeframes and simultaneously
manage several projects.
Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings. Willingness to work a flexible schedule.
Ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of people including participate in highly financial
discussions with Accountants, Bankers, Tax consultants and Auditors; and participate in highly technical,
marketing & sales discussions with marketers and business developers.
Ability to motivate and direct staff as well as communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.
Ability to coach and mentor employees for improved performance.
Able to effectively present information and respond to common inquiries or complaints from clients,
regulatory agencies or members of the business and general community at large.
Excellent research, lecture and document design skills.
Strong bias for leaders teach model and for driving a focus on continuous improvement and quality
management throughout the organization
To apply for the above position please send your CV to
Salary Range: Negotiable based on experience and skills.



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