implicating interview questions you should watch out for

These are the interview questions you should be careful about

Recruiters love to ask behavioral questions that seem simple enough but could easily trap the interviewee if caution is not applied. The reason most people fail such questions is basically because they don’t think it through before answering. The questions seem simple enough so with n second tough to it, interviewees just open their mouths and stat talking with reckless abandon.

Let’s talk about few of these tricky questions.

Tell me about yourself

The purpose of this question is to dig out more information about you than the one presented on your resume. This is the best time for the ones who aren’t prepared to make a fool out of themselves. Calculate yourself well and make sure the info you are sharing tallies with the one on your resume. Avoid long speeches and go straight to the point.

What are your strong points?

The recruiters aren’t as interested in your strong points as they are in your weaknesses. In answering this question, the recruiters are more interested in what you are not saying than in what you are saying. discuss points that make you relevant for the position that you applied for without making you seem selfish, arrogant, or ‘too good to be true’.

What do you do in your free time?

Most interviewees forget that they already filled their hobbies in their resume (especially those who simply copied part of other peoples resume). At this point, I strongly suggest that whatever you put in your resume as your hobby should indeed be your hobby. Most people in a bid to make their hobby sound appropriate for the job position tend to tell white lies. When talking about what you do in your free time, talk about things that make you stand out intellectually and sound passionate about it.

Any future plans?

It is very natural for recruiters to know if you have future goals. It is simply a measure of how ambitious you are and what impact (positive/negative) you could have on the company in the long run. It is important that your answer suggests a future with the company or the post you applied for.

Be diplomatic in your answers especially when the questions seem simple enough; nothing is what it seems with employers these da


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