Why your ‘impressive’ résumé got thrown out

why your resume flopped

Welcome to yet another amazing weekend with jobsfornaija. Thank you for keeping up with our job tips and advice. let us read to learn about Why your ‘impressive’ résumé got thrown out. You’ve spent a long while wondering why you didn’t get the job; your résumé was perfect yet somehow you didn’t even get an invite for an interview. You are beginning to wonder what the problem could be. “Maybe they didn’t see my résumé” you try to assure yourself. Try as you might closure at this point just seems elusive. Keep reading and you just might get an ‘I see’ moment as to why your résumé wasn’t good enough.

These are common issues people have and are oblivious to. If you haven’t submitted that résumé yet, you might want to go through it again and make sure you got it right. If you already did, I guess its tome to figure out why they tossed it out.

You don’t have the right qualifications

Companies are direct when they require certain qualifications for a job opening yet some people still apply when they don’t have said qualifications. They probably are playing a game of chance. Recruiters don’t have time to play games; if at a glance your resume doesn’t give what they asked for it‘s headed straight for the refuse bin.

It’s too fancy

It’s a resume not a fashion board. A lot of people go designing their resume like they are on an audition for graphic designer. Fancy is not what the recruiters are looking for. They need efficient not fancy.

Lacks content

This still borders on the too fancy issue. People decorate their resume so much that at the end of the day the résumé does not hold any value. Make your resume count with relevant content that is brief and concise. Try to hit the nail on the head.

Wrong format

Another major problem people have is presenting their resume in the wrong format. Maybe not all, but most companies indicate which format they want from you; in such cases make sure to use the stipulated format.

Plenty Grammar

Keep in mind that your potential recruiters are not up for an English class. When they are going through your résumé they want to consider giving you a job not learn new English words. Please keep your resume simple enough with just the right grammar to make it classy but not stressful.

Typos and misspellings

The excuse they give these days is that “everyone makes mistakes”. Your name is not everyone. It is expected that you make the most minimal mistakes possible. Going through your resume time and time again will alert you to any mistakes. Don’t ever submit any document in a hurry. Read it twice, thrice or more as time permits. It helps to read out loud, mistakes are spotted faster that way.

Take corrective measures now and save yourself the stress of wondering what went wrong. Good luck in your pursuit.


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