Practice makes perfect’ is one phrase that every individual has been privy to at one point of their life or another and there is yet a refutable proof stating otherwise. That said, the best way to ace an interview is practice. The reason schools hold mock exams is to access the students’ abilities, re-evaluate and focus on areas in which they (the students) seem to be lacking. The same can and should be applied to job interviews to further improve your chances at nailing any interview.

Mock job interviews only cost you when you employ the services of a professional career counselor or coach otherwise it is quite an easy process. You can coach yourself, ask for assistance from family or friends, or use the internet.

How to hold a mock job interview;

  1. Set up an interview space

While this is not entirely compulsory, being in an environment that is set up just like an interview venue would be, could better put you in an ‘interview-space’ and better prepare you for the interview proper. It could be at one corner of your room; a table and two seats, one for you and one for the supposed interviewer.

  1. Dress up

If you’ve been in a play or followed the process then you’ll understand ‘dress-rehearsals’ in which everything is done as though it were the final presentation (including costume). Dressing up for a mock job interview makes you more formal about the process rather than turn it into a circus of sorts. It instills a sense of responsibility and also serves as a way to ensure that you have the right clothes for the interview.

  1. Get an interviewer

It’d be of great help to you to engage one of your friends or family member to act as an interviewer. Explain how important the mock interview is to you and try to work around their convenient time and venue. Also let them know that their objectivity would be greatly appreciated. In the event that you are unable to get anyone to stand in for the role, you’d have to do it yourself.

  1. The right questions

Mock job interviews have failed in the past mostly because people are practicing with the wrong questions. When you’ve spent hours memorizing answers to particular questions and on the interview day, the interviewers ask different sets of questions, you find yourself breathing like fish out of water. There are hundreds of common interview questions online that could help you. Most companies also have past interview questions handouts you could purchase. Beyond these, you should draw up possible questions based on the company, what it’s about and the position you applied for. Don’t forget to prepare for behavioral questions as well to avoid surprises.

  1. Make a video

Why do you need to make a video of the mock interview? Most times the people you asked to interview you might be biased and tell you that you did great just to flatter you. A video will show you the hard truth. Watching the video after the mock interview will give you a third eye view. you’ll be able to tell which questions you didn’t answer in the best way, how bad your dressing really is, the many times you probably slouched on your seats, the times when you hesitated or paused before answering a question and so many other things you may not have noticed.

  1. Once is not enough

The fact that you’ve practiced once doesn’t make it enough. You have to keep practicing; each time more improved than the last. Remember that the more you practice the more comfortable you are and the more confident you get about your answers.

Why you should hold mock interviews before the real deal;

  • It will boost your confidence
  • You become familiar and comfortable with answers to questions
  • The actual interview will be less stressful
  • Since you’re familiar with the questions, you’ll be able to focus on other things like; looking into the eyes of the interviewer while answering and smiling
  • You won’t fidget due to nerves since your nerves won’t be as much as when you aren’t prepared

The better prepared you are for an interview the higher the chances of success. Let’s get prepared. Start that mock interview now.



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