4 most common résumé grammar mistakes

What error did you make on your resume?

The most common mistakes on résumé are mostly grammatical and in other occasions typographic. Studies have shown that at least 1.5 punctuation errors are made by average job seekers on their résumé. These mistakes are often a result of preparing résumés in a hurry as well as not going through it before submission. Contrary to what most job seekers believe, recruiters keep a keen eye out for such mistakes.Here are 4 most common résumé grammar mistakes you make on your resume.

These mistakes include;

  1. Tense misplacement; as common as it sounds this is one of the most occurring errors on résumé today. People tend to use ‘was’ when they should use ‘is’ among other verb tenses misplacements.
  2. Misspelling; there are some words that are simply easy to misspell. Words like materials, secretary, success, excellence, and the likes. The key is to pay close attention. Don’t be shy to use a dictionary.
  3. Wrong formatting; this is among the most occurring errors people make on their résumés. Its either the fonts size and style are inconsistent or the bullet points are in different styles. Most people also tend to go for designing their résumé rather than concentrating on the important details and end up making their résumé look like child’s play.
  4. Misplacement of punctuation: it would surprise you how many punctuation mistakes people make on their résumés. The most often misused punctuation marks include hyphen and comma.

Of course there are other mistakes made on résumés but these are on top of the chart so should be seriously addressed. The key to avoiding most of these mistakes is to pay close attention to your résumé. Take a look at some examples before creating yours. It also helps a great deal to read it out loud. Check, cross check, and check again for any mistakes before you submit it. Being careful has never hurt anyone, it won’t hurt.



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