It can get rather tense in a working environment when the staff don’t get along well. Tension is not at all good for any company; it slows output and decreases productivity. In severe situations, it stirs hostility.

If you’ve noticed that some or all of your colleagues strongly dislike you or seem to hate your guts, there are quite a number of reasons that could be responsible for their behavior. Here are top 7 reasons why your colleagues don’t get along well with you;

  1. You’re the new guy; in this instance, it does not necessarily mean they hate you. It could be that they are simply skittish around you. The fact that they don’t know you means they’ll probably keep their distance until they feel like they’ve figured you out. You can make things easier by trying to settle in and mingling with them.
  2. You’re a loner; most people love to keep to themselves. They have no understanding of the term ‘team work’ nor do they participate in group functions. If you fall into this category, you really don’t expect your colleagues to get along well with you. Once they make you out to be a loner, everyone will keep their distance.
  3. You’re either always late or taking time off work; this usually becomes a problem when your work load is shifted to someone else when you are unavailable. Workers resent any form of extra work and if they find out they are getting extra work because of you, your colleagues might resent you for it.
  4. You’re lazy; this almost falls in the same category as being late and always taking time of work. The situation is worsened when you have to work as a team. No one wants a slacker on their team.
  5. You talk too much; people are wary of talkative. They just can’t be trusted with serious information. If you talk a lot, it might be the reason why your colleagues don’t get along well with you. Who knows when you’ll say something that might be implicating at the wrong time and place?
  6. You don’t make an effort with them; as much as you want people to get along well with you, you equally need to make an effort as well. When people realize that you are not particularly going out of your way to relate with them, they keep to themselves. You might even be giving the wrong impression. They might think that you have the ‘im better than everyone else’ mentality.
  7. You’re a ‘conflict magnet’; there are people that create conflict everywhere they are. These are the ones that love arguing especially over controversial topics; they are prone to conflicts and quarrels. If you fall into this group, well, its obvious why your colleagues don’t get along with you.

You may not be able to please every one but it is best to avoid hostility at your work place as much as possible. Do the best you can to ensure that you get along well with everyone.



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