Online interviews are not very common yet but in a few years if not months it’d be all over the place given the high technology rate in the company. All companies are going digital and you need go with the flow.  Online interviews contrary to what people believe are not solely for online jobs. Just like in the common ‘face to face’ interviews you are familiar with, there are certain things other than your verbal answers that are considered before giving you the job. In the instance that you are invited or an online (video-call) interview, here are 5 tips for a successful online interview you should consider;


You must have been aware of the interview before hand. You may have been informed via an email, a text message or a voice call. Everyone has that one spot in their house where they have better network reception. It’s best to carefully spot that space and use it for the interview. Yes, network interruption may not directly be your fault but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


It is important that the space you’ll be occupying for the interview be as cluster-free and professional as possible.  When you’ve established a good reception area set it up to look organized and professional. This will be a point in your favor.


For a successful online interview, ensure that the room or corner you’ve chosen is bright as possible. If you need to arrange for a generator (just in case Nigeria’s power supply system fails) please do. Make sure to take the call in as bright space so that the interviewers will be able to see you clearly.


Video calls are easily distracting. You might be tempted to look at your face instead of into the camera (especially with the ladies who tend to use their screen as a mirror, constantly checking for a flaw in their make-up). Try to establish eye contact by looking into the camera rather than staring blankly at the screen. Eye to eye contact indicates interest and confidence.


One problem with online interviews is that the interviewees actually forget that the interviewers can see them. Your body language speaks volumes about you so be careful. Be conscious of your posture; sit straight without slouching, smile, nod from time to time to show that they have you engaged, most importantly, don’t fidget. There are so many things you shouldn’t do in front of an interviewer (even if it’s online), things like picking your nose, scratching your hair, adjusting your clothes, and fidgeting.

Of course, the best way to prepare for any interview is by practicing. You can get help from family or friends; conduct a mock interview. Armed with this info and all other info you need about the company, you are set up to succeed. Congratulations in advance.


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