Second interview is not common in Nigeria. Most companies start hiring right after the very first interview. This is why people are momentarily stunned when they are invited for a second interview. This often leads to disorientation during the second interview which could cost them that job.

There is nothing dreadful about being called in for a second interview you should embrace a second interview as an opportunity to do even better than the first interview. You’re being offered a second chance; grab it. It could also be the final stages for those who did exceptionally well during the first interview.

Having passed the first interview does not mean you should go slack. If anything, this is time for you to sit up and put in more effort. Here are a few things you should prepare for during a second interview;

  • STANDARD INTERVIEW QUESTIONS; they’re most likely going to repeat the standard interview questions from the first interview. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’ve forgotten your responses during the first interview. Try to keep your answers as consistent as possible.
  • JOB-SPECIFIC QUESTIONS; this time over they won’t simply be asking questions for the sake of it but will be asking questions related to the position they intend to offer you. Prepare for very specific questions.
  • COMPANY RELATED QUESTIONS; while preparing for your first interview, you probably found out all there was about the company. This time you need detailed information about the company because company related questions will most likely be thrown at you. You need to be conscious of making your response paint the company in a good light.
  • HANDS-ON/PRACTICAL QUESTIONS; it’s usually during this second interview that most recruiters create an environment that requires the candidate’s hands-on experience. This is used to gauge the candidate’s skills and ability to work under pressure and in a tense environment.
  • BODY LANGUAGE AND OVERALL APPEARANCE SCRUTINY; more than the first interview, you create a strong impression during your second interview. Be aware that your appearance is under scrutiny and that your body language is being read carefully. Remember all you learnt about body language for the first interview and put it to work. Remember that perception is an important interview factor.
  • BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS; these are the most tricky questions in any interview. You should exercise caution when responding to behavioral questions. Remember that they are reading between the lines of your response. Think your response through before you open your mouth. Ask for the question to be repeated in order to buy a few seconds to think and organize your answer.

Not to crush your hopes or anything, a second interview is not a guarantee that you’ve gotten the job. You probably weren’t the only one to get called in for a second interview. This is why you need to take it seriously. This is still a competition so give it your best and maybe, just maybe, congratulations will be in order.



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