Without appropriate management in place, we find ourselves living from paycheck-to-paycheck; a rather unsatisfying lifestyle. When in this place, paying bills are quite a struggle. There’s never enough and you’re constantly in a state of worry. Getting rich is totally out of the question as you are barely able to afford the basics. All thoughts of luxury are out the window and you quickly find yourself in a financial rut.

How can this situation be remedied? What do you do to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and start thriving financially? Below are 5 steps towards your goal.

  1. Control your spending habits; if you can exercise control over how you spend your money then you’ll be able to make headway in the finance world. Reduce expenses to the basics and most important needs. Try to set wants aside and focus on needs. A scale of preference is handy in this regard. You’ll probably be tempted occasionally to buy something you don’t really need that every other person has. It’s up to you to discipline yourself and stick to your priorities.
  2. Learn to live on a budget; creating a budget for yourself and actually following through with it is an easy way to control spending. Plan a budget that is realistic and that works for your income. Also make provision for emergencies and miscellaneous expenses; you never know when something might pop up.
  3. Gradually clear all your debts; prior to this time, you probably had a lot of debts piled up. You need to clear those off before you can effectively manage your funds. Depending on how big the debts are, gradually pay them off (especially if paying them at once will leave a dent in your account).
  4. Give savings priority; no matter how low your pay is, set some money aside for savings. Also remember to save first and work around whatever is left. It works better when you have a specific amount to save for each month or week depending on your schedule. Don’t procrastinate; pay the specified amount into your savings account as soon as you receive your paycheck.
  5. Do something extra; you can’t keep doing the same things over and over again while expecting a different result. No matter how well you manage your funds, if you are not earning enough it may be a while before you stop living from paycheck-to-paycheck. Try something new; get a part time job, start a small business on the side, or anything you can do to earn more money.

Living from paycheck-to paycheck may be comfortable for some but is really a stressful way to live. You can’t do things for yourself that you would have loved to. In some extreme cases, people even feel guilty spending any amount of money on themselves. Try out these 5 steps and you’ll notice changes in a few months time.



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