Happy worker-maximize your work potential

Ten ways to maximize your work potential

Pursuing a career, getting a job, going in for work every day is not where life ends. It is well known that ‘what’s worth doing is worth doing well’. Don’t just appear for work every day. Make an attempt to improve on yourself. The following ten tips should help.

School ended not life

The most important reason why we were sent to school is for us to be prepared for life. Most people after the ‘degree’ they earnestly pursued, want little to nothing to do with academics. This is a wrong approach. Life is constantly changing and you need to stay abreast before you get left behind. Inculcate the habit of reading and studying. You never know when any information you garner will come in handy.

Put your mind to work

Don’t allow your mind to become dormant. Put it to work actively by spending time on focused thinking. Train your mind to be focused. A lot of people when they say they are thinking actually let their mind wander through all sorts of irrelevancies. Spend time everyday to put your mind to work.

Keep your body healthy and fit

It is common practice for people to ignore their body. This is wrong. Learn to take good care of your body. Be mindful to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Avoid foods that are potentially harmful to your body. Dedicate time to exercising as well. Exercise keeps the mind sharp and focused.

Let your body rest

Don’t think that losing sleep will get you ahead. It might, but before you have the time to enjoy any accomplishment, your body will ‘lock down’. Get enough sleep and enough rest. Allow your body to reboot before you continue. This also falls under the category of staying healthy and fit.

Set challenging goals

Despite having work goals, you should have personal goals as well. Don’t set goals that are easily attainable. Set long term and short term goals that are highly challenging. The more challenging your goals are, the more motivated you are to putting more efforts.

Go on a ‘mentor-hunt’

People don’t seem to understand the importance of mentorship especially those who have 9-5 jobs. They believe that mentorship is only for business men. Go on a mentor-hunt. Find someone who inspires you. It must be someone successful and worthy of emulation. Getting a mentor is not enough, learn to allow yourself be mentored as well.

One source of income is not nearly enough

Don’t be lazy. You can actually have more than one source of income. Get a part time job that doesn’t affect your normal working hours or a side hustle. Having more than one source of income sets you on a financial path that is balanced and can carry into the future. Having multiple incomes will work in your favor.

Be an early riser

Early risers have a way of finishing early. When you rise early there’s every chance that you’ll get things done on time. Getting things done on time takes away the pressure from your day. This puts you in a cheerful mood, ready and eager for work.

Don’t allow social media to have precedence in your life (except its work related)

Social media is one tempting timewaster you should avoid unless its work related. Make time for social media later in the day not early on when you could be tackling other things. Social media is addictive, one click in and you’re hooked for the rest of the day.

Avoid conflicts

This may be hard to do because while you’re bent on keeping the peace, there might be people who love conflict a lot. Try to avoid conflicts at all cost. This doesn’t mean keeping to yourself entirely but being smart bout choosing the people you talk to and the topics you talk about.

These are ways to invest in yourself which is considered the most resourceful investment that you can make. Grab this opportunity and invest in yourself.




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