colleagues that could cost you your job

When it comes to work environment, association with colleagues is inevitable. Of course no man is an island as such you are meant to mingle and cooperate with your colleagues. Even when you choose to be a recluse, you might be place in a team with some people.

While we encourage good relationship between colleagues, you should take care to select who you associate with as some relationships can prove to be toxic for your job. There are four classic examples of colleagues you should avoid at all cost. They include;

  1. The office rebel

There’s always that one colleague that never follows the rules. Other employees tend to urge the rebel on but will never follow his path. The rebel is always pointing out faults with the rules or badmouthing the boss. Funny enough they almost always get away with it. The ones who end up in trouble are those good ones who ‘unfortunately’ are friends with them. Management will hurriedly jump into the conclusion that since you’re such close friends you definitely share the same opinions. You might not be fired immediately but consider yourself ‘blacklisted’.

  1. The office bully

There are bullies in every environment. You’d think that after school, you’d have seen the last of those but here you are at work and they show up. Office bullies are the ones who tend to aggressively undermine others through words or actions often resulting in a fight or flight reaction from the bullied victims. Bullies are mostly superiors who tend to pick on the ones they deem weak. The worst part is they hardly ever get in trouble. Instead, their victims while trying to defend themselves are the ones who end up getting in trouble.

Don’t give in to any sort of bullying. Learn to respectfully put people in their place. Avoid confrontation as much as you can rather report the case to an even higher authority.

  1. The office gossip

There’s never a short supply of this category of people. Gossip is one of the most common things you can find in every working environment. Apart from being a major time waster, gossip could prove to be damaging both for the individuals involved and the company itself. The office gossip is mostly concerned about how juicy the story is than how true leading to anxiety, distrust, controversies, and divisiveness.

You should avoid the office gossip because their ‘added juice’ to the real story could affect your judgment, decision, and resultant actions which may in turn result in losing your job. Keep in mind that while they are giving you recent ‘gist’, they are carrying rumors about you to their sources as well.

  1. The office narcissist

A narcissist is someone who is full of egoism and pride. They have this conviction that they are superior to others and as a result, disregard others feelings. They not only make themselves out to be powerful and influential but also put others down.

The author of the book; The Narcissist You Know: Defending Yourself Against Extreme Narcissists in an All-About-Me Age, Joseph Burgo, says a narcissist “often relies on contempt to make others feel like losers, proving himself a winner in the process. He will belittle your work product or ridicule you at meetings. When he needs something from you, he may become threatening. At his most toxic, he will make you doubt yourself and your value to your employer”.

A narcissist colleague may not cause physical damage but when given the opportunity might scar your confidence and your career for life. Whether it is the rebel, the bully, the gossip, or the narcissist, these categories of colleagues are toxic for you and could cost you your job. Steer clear of them.


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