How best to use your twitter account for your business
How best to use your twitter account for your business

How do you use twitter to grow your business?

Twitter is one of the social media platforms available to us in the present day. It’d be really surprising if this is you first time hearing about twitter. Many twitter users don’t appreciate the wonders that twitter can do when it comes to networking and marketing. They simply see it as another platform to share pictures and personal messages.

You need to make the most of this platform and here is how;

  • Focus on building relationships rather than garnering empty followership; twitter for you as a business man or woman should not simply be a race to see who can get the most number of followers (especially when those followers have no real impact on your business). If that’s what you’ve been doing then you have no idea how much you can achieve through twitter. Instead of being another media circus, twitter is a place to connect with fans, customers, and influencers in your industry. Focus on building meaningful one-on-one relationships rather than followership which can be bought.
  • Promote your products; smartly introduce your products and/or services to twitter using images or write-ups that are a) focused on what you do, b) catchy, and c) market trendy. This is where ‘hash-tags’ come in handy. For more views and followers interested in your business, use constructive and attractive ‘hash-tags’. ask yourself “what are people looking for when it comes to this business?” “Which key words are more popular?”
  • Form a network; your followers and people you follow should be known in this context as your ‘circle of influence’. This circle should consist of fans, customers, and influencers in your industry; people who can learn from you and who you can learn from, people you can relate with and people who can boost your business. Don’t just be on twitter; make a network out of it. Networking doesn’t get better than this. Connect with people that are related to your business.
  • Don’t just tweet, communicate; many times you see people twitting about things that you feel they should have left for their private chat with their best friends. Twitter is not a platform to rid you of boredom. It’s an educative forum. If you have nothing meaningful to say, quietly observe what others are tweeting about, you might learn a thing or two. Communicate with purpose.
  • Keep your followers engaged; in trying to keep your followers engaged, you might be garnering more followers as your followers will constantly be tweeting about you or your product. The best way to keep followers engaged is through promos and gifts. Who doesn’t like awoof? When people realize that you have something real to offer, they’ll follow you wholeheartedly.
  • Follow relevant people and hash tags; I personally suggest that twitter should upgrade to the point where if you click on the follow button, a question appears “why do you want to follow?”People just follow any popular or familiar name they see. They follow hash tags that though popular have nothing to do with them or their business. Learn to use lists, hash tags, and the search functions to find out what people in your industry are talking about. You can use this forum for market research. Stop using it for entertainment.
  • See what the competition is up to; this is a platform you can sneakily use to keep watch on the competition. Beware though; they may also be monitoring you as well. following the competition is not a bad idea as you have firsthand knowledge of what they might be up to and that could inspire creative ideas for you or at least steer you in the right direction.
  • Add your thoughts to shares and re-tweets; did you know that people profile you based on your tweets, and your re-tweets? This is why you must ensure that your tweets, shares and re-tweets all have substantial content. People want to read your thoughts it makes them able to relate to you on a personal level (which is the whole point of tweeting). Always insert your thoughts and opinions. Remember, when you start a thread, don’t just leave it, participate with others, it builds better relationships.

Now that we know better; let’s put this platform, twitter, to better use. Its time to start taking advantage of this excellent opportunity afforded us.


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