how to project your skills in your resume

Skills and achievements make a résumé much more appealing. There are so many skills that could be acquired or developed over time which when added to a resume makes the résumé stand out. You have to however be smart about which skills to appear on your resume. Skills are split into two main categories; hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are more technical while soft skills are more behavioral.

Some examples of hard skills include; accounting, data analysis, graphic design, SEO/SEM marketing, and bookkeeping. Examples of soft skills on the other hand include; conflict resolution, communication, time management, teamwork, creativity and leadership.

It doesn’t matter how many skills you have. What really counts is how many of those skills are relevant for your desired job or position. Most companies specify what skills they need and availability of the required skill is a major determinant factor in getting the job.

Here are a few criteria’s to e3nsure that your skills make your resume stand out;

  • Make a list of all your skills; soft and hard skills alike
  • Make a list of skills required for the job (in cases where the company doesn’t list required skills, go by the company’s vision/mission and the job description of the position you applied for)
  • Try to match both lists
  • Ensure that your skills match up to at least 75% of the required skills
  • Attach or document proof of these skills
  • Ensure that the skills listed in your resume are relevant to the potential job
  • Mention some or all of these skills either in your resume objectives or your resume summary
  • Use numbers and facts to emphasize the strength of your skills (example; able to raise sales by 30%)

These steps will ensure that your skills not only match the requirement but that they are also persuading enough to attract the recruiter’s attention. The secret is not only in listing skills but in wording them articulately. Make your skills sound much better than they are.


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