4 things you probably didn’t know about a job interview

Job interview tips are all over the internet that it’s almost impossible to go a day without seeing the same things over and over again. You’ve heard a lot of do and don’ts about job interviews; you think you have in all at the tips of your fingers. That might be true but before you go running off for that interview, here are four things you probably didn’t know about job interviews;

  1. Recruiters do their homework as well

Just as you’ve taken the time to stalk your potential employer, they also take the time to do likewise to you. Recruiters don’t just randomly pick eye-catching applications and call people in for interviews. No! They actually take their time to run a background check on you. How does this help you? Well, you might have fibbed a little on your resume or you may be planning to over-exaggerate the truth about something you’ll be asked. Think twice about that though because they probably already know the answers to the questions they ask you.

  1. Time management will most likely seal the deal

Employers love employees who can manage their time efficiently. Time management during interviews does not end with simply showing up on time but extends to your ability to make the most of your time in answering questions. Don’t babble mindlessly. Go straight to the point and give concrete answers.

  1. Interviewers are suckers for stories

While you’re managing time, don’t fail to give interviewers just what they want. Interviewers love narratives. When asked questions don’t simply give robotic yes/no answers. Spin them a story that shows you in a bright light; one they could probably relate with. Take note not to go out of context and always be sure you’re mindful of time.

  1. Your body says more than you do

Interviewers relate more to perception than to words. You need to ace the act of body language in order to ace an interview. knowing when to nod, when to smile, when to sit straight, when to lean in, how to hold your hands, how much eye contact to establish and other body expressions will give you an added advantage over others.

Guess you didn’t know about these. Well, now you know go ahead and practice before the interview so you’ll be sure you have everything down.



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