People in a bid to feel ‘at home’ at work might sometimes (unknown to them) be annoying others. If you are one of those who annoy your colleagues and you’re thinking ‘but no one is complaining’, then you’re wrong. They are complaining but they are too polite to say it to your face. Now you’re wondering, if they won’t tell me I’m annoying them how do I know that I am? It doesn’t take rock-science to figure it out. There are many things you could be doing to annoy people but we’ve selected the top five to give you an idea of what they look like since you might not even be doing it purposely but out of ignorance or sheer habit.

You ask too many questions

Being inquisitive is great only when you’re asking the important and relevant questions. There are people who ask so many questions even questions with obvious answers. The annoying ones however are those that ask questions that could be deemed too personal. If your colleagues are not offering information, respect the fact that they don’t want to share. If it’s not about their personal live but a question that can be sorted by a quick search on Google, then by all means go to Google. Don’t bother people with too many questions.

Your personal hygiene level is at an all time low

Having poor hygiene when you work with people is just plain rude. You should realize by now that appearance is everything. Please take time to put an effort into yourself. it’s the basic things like taking a bath at least twice a day, straightening your clothes, brushing your teeth, keeping neat nails and the likes that people fail to do. When you don’t maintain personal hygiene, people get uncomfortable around you and it’s annoying.

You’re always complaining

You may be correct about all the things you’ve been complaining about but your constant grumbling over the matter could get annoying easily. Don’t be that guy; the one who’s always complaining about everything and everyone. Don’t be known as a fault-picker. It’s annoying that each time you sit with a colleague, you start complaining about one thing or the other. Sometimes just ignore it because I’m sure everyone else can notice it. Don’t always be the one to point it out.

You talk; a lot

One thing about people who talk a lot is that they also have high tendency to lie a lot. Talking too much in this regard does not necessarily mean gossiping as you might have thought (though it does lead to gossiping most of the time). There are just those people who don’t know how to keep quiet for a minute. They are always interrupting people’s work just to tell them one irrelevant thing. They tend to over share and before the end of a week people at work probably already know all there is to know about them. The concept ‘quiet time’ is lost on people like this. If you fall into this category then without a doubt, you are annoying your colleagues.

With this you probably have a good idea whether you’re annoying your colleagues or not. Even if a particular annoying habit of yours was not mentioned, you’re probably having an ‘I see!’ moment. It might take time but if you intentionally apply corrective measures, you’ll be able to overcome these habits.


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