A dose of healthy competition could boost work productivity
healthy competition could boost work productivity

A lot of people shy away from competition because each time they hear competition they think ‘enemy’, ‘rival’, ‘opposition’. People look at competition with a lot of violence. While it is true that some people take competition to a whole other level, there is much to be achieved by a healthy dose of it. A dose of healthy competition could boost work productivity.Workplace competition could be doing a world of good without you realizing.

How does competition boost productivity in the workplace?

  • Competition motivates workers to put in more effort. When you see a colleague doing so well, getting awards or even promoted, a hunger for that acknowledgement stirs in you and you find yourself doubling your efforts.
  • If everyone becomes as competitive and start striving for excellence, the rate of productivity would automatically increase not just in quantity but in quality as well.
  • Competition unlocks creativity. Everyone involved starts thinking up better ideas, creative ways to get the job done. It triggers ‘outside the box’ thinking.
  • A willingness to take risks is activated. When you suddenly realize that there are people around who could possible do your job better than you, risk taking becomes inevitable to maintain your position. This increases overall productivity.
  • When there is healthy competition in an office it’s hard not to notice. The office is charged with energy and people are eager to get their job done.
  • It stirs respect. When you see someone accomplishing a task and in record time, you may not be friends but you’ll develop respect for their work. This respect leads to mutual understanding and in turn a peaceful environment.

Just like with everything, too much competition can prove counterproductive leading to dispute and rivalry. Keep the competition light and neutral. Also keep in mind that rewards make competition much more worthwhile as people are more inclined to do something if a prize is attached to it.


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