tips for newbies to survive their first full time job

5 tips for the newbie to survive their first ever full time jobs

Part time jobs and internships are not quite the same as a full time job. A first full time job is like a first real responsibility. It’s challenging and nerve wrecking. Your success however will set the pace for your career advancement either in that company or eventually elsewhere. To top it all off, you have to deal with being the ‘new guy’.

It’s not as difficult as it seems. You’re just anxious to please everyone that it all looks like a big feat. Take a deep breath, remember why you need this job and smile. Let’s see a few tips that’ll make this process as smooth for you as possible.


This is one of the oldest rules in the book. You need to be punctual. Get to work before your boss; that’s a star in your favor. Arriving on time not just for work but for meetings, show your commitment.


Office life is mostly based on perception. Don’t paint the wrong picture by being careless with the way you dress, walk, or behave. Carry yourself with dignity and show some class. Maintaining a great personal hygiene is another star in your favor.

Extra effort

You have to put in extra effort at work. If you haven’t noticed yet, the first few months of your appointment are reserved exclusively for probation. More eyes are on you than you realize. Your boss is watching you and so are your colleagues. This is why you need the added effort to prove yourself and your abilities beyond doubts.


First, bear in mind that you are now in a work setting and not a social gathering. A lot of people tend to take the socializing thing to an annoying level. The only reason you need to mingle with your colleagues is to avoid being an office loner and also to participate better in group or team activities. Keep it as minimal as possible.

Upbeat attitude

Maintain a happy bubble always. This makes you much more approachable. Be optimistic about challenges and always wear a smile.

Try to avoid sticky situations early on by keeping your private life private and steering clear of the office gossip. Also, for the duration of at least 6 months to 1 year, avoid taking time off as much as possible. You need to make an effort to be comfortable wit both your boss and your colleagues; it makes working much more comfortable.



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