When quitting your job should be your next move
When quitting your job should be your next move

Our financial responsibilities make it necessary for us to have a source of income. It affords the financial security that we all desire. It becomes tedious however to let go of our source of income even when the odds are against us. You notice a lot of things that aren’t right for you at work but can’t find it in you to quit. While perseverance is a strong trait, it is not advisable in all situations especially in cases like this that could potentially harm you.

No matter how much you love your job or how much you need it; there are certain circumstances that warrant you quit that job immediately. In these cases quitting your job should be your next move.

High level stress

There is hardly any job today that doesn’t come with its own share of stress. Stress and pressure are always present in every working environment. When the stress becomes so high it is physically hurting your body, it has become a problem. Jobs with high level of stress are destructive. You start having health issues like migraine, insomnia, dizzy spells, increased risks of cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and maybe an outright burnout. Don’t wait until you drop, if the stress levels are higher than your body can handle, quit.

No breather

If your work schedule is so tight there is little time to do anything else, you could be having crises in our personal life. if you earn all that money but can’t make out time in between to share it with the people that matter like your spouse, kids, family or friends what would be the point? You work six days a week and even on holidays, when does your body rest? When do you take care of other aspects of your life?

There has to be a way to work on your schedule. Speak to your boss or human resources about it. If nothing seems to change, you need to quit that job.

Light paycheck

When the weight of your paycheck is way lighter than the responsibilities it has to shield, there definitely is a problem. There has to be a balance somehow. Your job should be able to afford you a comfortable lifestyle as well as enough to save. If it falls short and your bosses aren’t coming forward with a raise, you need to quit now! The only exception being that you have another source of income or a side hustle that is bringing in a little extra cash.

Career Stagnation

A lot of jobs tie people down so much so that they have no chance at career advancement. They become stuck in one place in their career with no room for improvement. If your job is such that has kept your career stagnated you need to rethink that job. If you aren’t advancing both financially and career-wise, if your current job is not growing your career, you should quit without second thoughts.

Don’t just quit your job for no good reason. Make sure you have a valid reason or at least other jobs lined up for you. Quitting your job is a big step and should be carefully thought over and planned for.



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