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Working from home? Here are tips to set up the best home office

In the event of the dwindling availability of jobs in Nigeria, more and more people are starting up home run businesses or taking online jobs that don’t require reporting to an office building. Working from home would be much more efficient if there’s a semblance of a working environment.

Being a stay-at-home worker doesn’t justify you just sitting in any corner of the house (most commonly the dining or in front of the TV) to work. You find out that getting any work is becoming more and more difficult with a lot of distractions. The house has a homey feeling that sends a signal to your brain to just relax. This is why you need to create a working environment in your house. An office space at home brings the seriousness of the job at hand into focus.

These tips will help you create the best home office.

Choose a space for your home office

You need your work space. Depending on the kind of job and the size of space you’re most likely to occupy, choose the best possible space. A spare room that has a door is preferable. If a spare room is not available, choose a less busy corner of the house to set up. As much as possible avoid places close to distractions like TV, kitchen (food can be distracting), and other potential distractions.

Set up your home office

Depending on the tools you need for work, set up in the space you’ve chosen.  For instance, if you’ll be working with files and a computer, you should have a table and a comfortable chair set up in that space. You should also consider things like where to charge, stationeries, a printer (if possible or necessary). Furnish this space as you would an actual office.

Decorate to suit your needs

A lot of people tend to leave this space bland since it’s at home and they don’t need to please anyone. Wrong! You should beautifully decorate your home office space with nice colors and trophies, awards or pictures that will create a calm atmosphere for work. Beyond the aesthetic beauty, a well designed office space lightens the overall atmosphere making work much more comfortable.

Keep your tools handy

Having your working tools handy is the final touch needed for your home office to be completed. It can be stressful having to stand up every few minutes to go search for one tool or the other. It defeats the purpose of creating an office space. Before use, ensure that all the tools you need to work are readily available and within reach.

Setting up is not just enough. You need to treat this office space you’ve created like an actual office. Keep it clean and make an out-of-bounds arena to avoid someone (especially when there are kids) ruining your work. It’s up to you to make your home office as comfortable and efficient as possible. Get started sooner rather than later.


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