4 skills you must have to get a job in Nigeria

The business world is constantly evolving and as such skills that were in high demand yesterday probably would be extinct by tomorrow. This is why you need to be on top of game. Follow the trend by updating your skills or picking up new skills.

The skills that appear n a lot of peoples resume are rather redundant and employers are tired of seeing them. There are skills that are expected of you and do not necessary need to appear on your resume. On the other hand there are skills that should be reflected on your resume without actually being mentioned.

Let’s take a quick look at four skills people love adding to their résumé which employers hate seeing. Skills that have become redundant;


Typing is one of the skills that you are expected to have. Years back, it would have been a big deal to say you could type but today; typing isn’t as much a skill as it is part of everyday life. If you don’t know how to serve at this point you’re simply doing yourself a disservice.


This should top the list of most redundant skills ever. Of course, you should be able to communicate. Communication is an everyday activity. If you’re alive you should know how to communicate. Being an introvert doesn’t excuse you on this font either. Except you’re looking for a job in communications and media, communication is not a skill you want to flaunt on your resume.


Employers are so tired of seeing leadership listed as part of your skills. Your resume should be able to tell that about you without you pointing it out. From past jobs or positions held, the recruiter should be able t have an insight to some of your values including leadership. If your resume is not worded to reflect your best attributes at a glance without pointing them out, you need to work on a better resume.

Ability to work with a team

This is a great skill but mentioning it is rather redundant. It’s obvious you’re going to be working with people even if it’s not exactly a team. It’s a given that you’d be able to tolerate people enough to work a couple of hours a day with them. If you can’t work well with people, it’s time to brush up your people skills. Point is, there’s no need to list this as a skill as it is expected of you.

Keep up with the market and work on skills that matter. Don’t include anything as a skill unless it stands out or unless it is one of the requirements for the job you’re applying for.



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