5 tips on how best to use social media for job search

A lot of people are still in the dark about all the wonders of social media. They only know how to search Google and send emails. The internet has gone way beyond that. You need to keep up with the changes happening around you so you don’t get lost when things start playing out.

Using social media is a notch higher than in-person applications and much more vast in terms of coverage. One important thing to keep in mind is that social networks are public. This means that your potential boss might get to know you online before you even get an interview invite. This is why you need to make sure you’re doing all the right things.

Choose the most convenient platform(s)

Truth is there are some platforms that no matter what you do, you just can’t get the hang of it. It took me few months to understand how twitter works and till date I feel like I’ve not learnt all there is to know whereas I was on Facebook for less than an hour and I already knew all I had to know. Choose the platforms you want to use for job search carefully and wisely.

Use your real name or the closest thing to it

Keep in mind that just as you can see the profiles of potential recruiters, they can see yours. This is why your profile needs to be as professional as possible staring from your name. Don’t use nicknames if you aren’t on the platform for friendship or jokes. Use your real name and in the off-chance that your name has been taken use the closest thing to it (it could be your name with a few numbers like FavorIkenna22).

Upload a real photo of you

You are using a social network account for job search and on the profile you have a picture of your grandma. Employers are probably going to think the account belongs to an old woman. Who wants to employ a woman that old? The whole idea of a profile is creating a projection you want potential employers to see. An online profile is a resume of sorts and should be impressive at first glance.

Direct eyes to your skills and previous work

Every interaction should be somehow related to your career interests, skills, or previous work. Don’t share or post empty things with no message or impact. Upon stumbling on your profile, an employer or recruiter should be able to identify the skills (hard and soft) that they are searching for. Buzzwords and hash tags can be of great help if used wisely.

Be smart about finding jobs of interest

The reason most people have difficulties in using social media for job search is that they have no idea what they are looking for or how to find it. There are thousands of posts online and surfing through all of them could be time consuming and tiring. This is another place where buzzwords and hash tags can play a crucial role. You could also use some advanced search tools. Narrow the choices down to what you need and the skills you have and you won’t have a hard time finding something suitable.

If you didn’t do things this way before, it could be the reason why you’ve been unable to get a job online. Try again with these few tips in mind. Something will definitely click.


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