Here’s why your colleagues can’t get your point

Work can get complicated when communication is not well established. Misunderstanding a message could lead to several disruptions at work. It is very common for people to be misunderstood despite the numerous means of communication available today. Miscommunication is something that could go two ways. It could be the sender sending the wrong info or the receiver misinterpreting the message.

Miscommunication can be overlooked if it is a rare occurrence for the parties involved but in cases where it occurs frequently, there is cause for alarm. Below are a few reasons why your colleagues could be missing your point.

Rude or angry tone

A lot of people complain that they just can’t help it. “That’s the way my voice is” one of such people boldly exclaimed. Some even somehow find a way to make an email or a letter sound rude or angry.

You need to get a hold on your emotions. Be polite at all times and wear a smile. The thing about smiling through a communication process is that it sends strong positives vibes so strong that your smile can be heard when you aren’t seen. Be polite.

Conspicuous language

Whether you’re writing or speaking or using any form of communication, try to keep the language as simple as possible. Most times, big words could easily confuse people and tend to make them misunderstand you.


This is for all forms of written communication, an email, a letter, a circular, whichever one. You should be careful about spellings. Missing one letter of a word could make that word misunderstood inadvertently leading to misinterpretation of the entire communication. For instance; when you miss ‘m’ in the word ‘from’ you’d have ‘fro’ this has an entirely different meaning. Someone else could think you were trying to spell ‘for’ leading to a different interpretation altogether.

Wrong use of punctuation

Using the wrong punctuation in the wrong place in a sentence could lead to the text being misunderstood. Punctuation has a way of reflecting the tone of voice. This major cause of misunderstanding is mostly related to written material.

Lack of feedback or follow-up

Following a conversation up will reveal misunderstandings sooner rather than later affording the chance to curtail the damages that could be caused as a result of miscommunication. Always ask for feedback to be sure you’re sending the right message across.

No matter how hard you try, people are bound to misunderstand or misinterpret your words. This is why to the best of your ability; you’ll get better at communicating and interacting with people.


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