20 side income gigs in Nigeria

The present economic situation in Nigeria has left so many Nigerians no other option other than looking for a second or third income stream to add to their regular monthly income. The present basic salary of N18,000 can no longer sustain an average family in Nigeria as the cost of basic foodstuffs keeps skyrocketing daily.

The options as par side gigs or alternative income streams are numerous, but I will be dwelling on few in a short while. The cost of starting some of these businesses is minimal and they can be done at home or close by.

  1. At home, we have a little undeveloped plot of land which my wife has utilized to cultivate Vegetables in the past three years. The produce had come handy when she needs to add bitter leaf or okro or scent leaf or Ugwu Leaf to her soup. We no longer spend money buying some of these items. As an added income stream, she usually sells some of the bitter leaf to market women who come around. The money may not be so much, but it has always come handy in taking care of some expenses.

2.   For some individuals who have extra space in their houses, that can be used as an avenue for creating a side gig. Let’s say you have a two bedroom apartment that’s not yet occupied. Deploying the apartment as a daycare centre won’t be a bad idea. The startup capital is minimal as one can start with less than N100,000. Basic items needed are wall clock, children toys, teaching aid and children chairs. You can start with minimal staff of two, preferably elderly women who have experience in taking care of children. Also cost for registering the day care center must be put into consideration.

Monthly turnover may be low, as you may not have enough kids under your daycare centre in the first few months. But as you grow I the business, more and more people will get to know you and start patronizing you. Use flyers, banners, word of mouth and SMS to create publicity for your business.

3. Some side gigs come naturally with passion and they don’t require office, space or elaborate equipment. Motiva

20 side income money making businesses in Nigeria
20 side income money making businesses in Nigeria

tional speaking is a lucrative business that can be done side by side with your regular day job. It’s a business that is not too demanding and expensive to start. I remember my first engagement as a motivational speaker in 2010. It was a church that invited me to speak at an empowerment program and I spoke for about 40 minutes. My honorarium was N2,000 and though it was small, but I was excited earning my first pay as a motivational speaker.

You need raw passion, determination, a good communication skill, some nice clothes, laptop or desk top computer and a good mobile phone for startup. You may even volunteer to speak free initially to gain experience and as you start gaining useful experience, you will start making the money you deserve.

4. Had the opportunity to visit a family living in an estate close to where am presenting resident. The couple are both regular workers with one been a classroom teacher, while the husband is an engineer in a power plant. Surprisingly, I discovered they had three large deep freezers in their home. My inquisitive nature got a hold of me and upon much prodding, they told me they started ice block making business. They started with just a deep freezer and as the market started booming they bought two and then eventually expanded it to four freezers.

Each freezer could accommodate a maximum of forty wraps of block. A pair of ice block is sold for N100. What it means is that when added up, the forty wraps of ice block will fetch a total sum N4,000 daily and this is just not sufficient especially during the dry season. As from September to January is a boom period for those who are wise enough to key into this side gig.


5. Just came home from watching Manchester City defeat Manchester United and the Football Viewing Centre was filled to capacity. Each person paid N100 and there were more than 50 persons in the hall, making the total amount realized at the match to be N5,000. Normal DSTV subscription for premiership matches cost N13,980. What it means is that the owner of the viewing centre whose father also owns the property where the football viewing centre is located can realize the money he needs to offset DSTV subscription on a weekend that is packed full of matches.

This side gig is a seasonal business, but one can easily make extra income from this very popular side gig, by adding some innovative side attractions like a snack and drink bar. But ensure you don’t sell alcoholic drink to avoid guys breaking their head over Lukaku and Hazard style of play!

6. Some smart folks who have a deep knowledge about land and how the community within their area of jurisdiction operates can make decent income from real estate agent business. It’s an age long business that normal civil servants are using to supplement their income. When I acquired the land where my present property was built in 2014, I bought it via an agent who showed me three other plots before I eventually settled for the one I built my house on.

7. The normal agent fee is usually 10% of the total cost of purchasing the land. My second land I bought in 2015 was acquired at a cost of N2.1 Million. The two agents got a cut of N210,000 and it was a good pay day for them. Some of these real estate agents can sell up to two lands in a month and they are always on the move scouting for buyers and sellers.

8. Bulk SMS business is a good option for those who also desire extra income. The business is popular and lucrative, especially for those who want to start on a small scale. With just N10,000, one can start Bulk SMS Business and start making profit. Register free with a bulk sms provider and become an agent. Pay for some number of sms at a discount rate and start doing business with the sms.

9. Modern businesses have embraced the use of social media platforms to promote their businesses. The acquisition of a website has also gained so much ground and website design business is becoming a hot side gig in Nigeria. For those who are knowledgeable in it, they are already reaping the reward silently.

10. Twelve years ago, I joined the Nigeria Football referee association as a graded football referee. It was an enjoyable experience as I started making some good cash as a football referee in my third year. I was already working as a system electrical engineer in the power plant, but I still created time to officiate matches in Nigeria. Football Refereeing is a side gig that can fetch a premier league referee a steady income monthly. All that is needed is for the individual to be above 18 and be gainfully employed and to pass the annual fitness test for referees in Nigeria.

11. Those who derive pleasure in writing about their niche market can turn their passion to an income stream by becoming freelance writers. A freelance writer is someone who is paid by various platforms to write on various subjects. As a freelance writer, I take great pleasure in sharing my experience via my writing and getting paid for it. It is one of the sweetest side gigs I can ever imagine. To start a profession in freelance writing simply visit google and type “freelance writing”.

12. I have three kids who are naturally brilliant, but I refuse to allow them become complacent, so I hired a private tutor/lesson teacher, to take teach them at home. I presently pay N10,000 to the tutor monthly and I see it as a side gig that can be properly utilized. I personally know a teacher in my kid’s school who earns more from private tutor/lessons than from his classroom teaching.

13. Every event or party usually require the service of an event planner. An event planner is a person who plans the event from inception to actual implementation. The work of an event planner those not end until the last person leaves the event venue. Lots of females are presently making exploits in this female dominated business and they are smiling to the bank weekly. Their pay off ranges from N50,000 and above, depending on the client, location and the type of event.

Corporate sponsored events like that been done by MTN, Pepsi, Globacom, Etisalat usually pay more than private sponsored event. The idea is to start from the basics and grow your reputation to the top over time.

14. In virtually all parties I have attended, the sight of caterers dishing meals in stainless plates and beautiful bowls is unmistakable. These caterers are usually females and they normally have staff under them who assists in the serving of guest in the party. The funny thing about some of these caterers is that they use this business as a side gig and only come to occasions based on request.

They earn good income on monthly basis and their services are always in hot demand. To start this lucrative business is easy if you know how to cook very well. I don’t mean cooking stuffs that will cause panic within a party. Local and continental dishes are usually in serious demand, especially in parties involving politicians and top notch business executives.

15. Those who have passion for staying healthy and love training daily can jump into the fitness instructor business train. These are classes of people who use their passion for keeping fit to earn steady income monthly. I’ve seen some fitness clubs boasting of more than 40 members and each member usually pays monthly membership fees. It’s a business that’s not exclusive to the male  world alone. Females are not left out. Most fitness instructors have private students who come to the fitness club on appointment. This makes this business even suitable for those who can manage their time wisely. It’s a side gig that gets both the fitness instructor and their students happy.

16.Two years ago my bosom friend, bobby Ibrahim sent me some pdf files containing e-book materials on graphic design. Unfortunately, am not a graphic design freak and I never got to learn how it works. Fortunately, there are thousands of Nigerians making cool cash from Graphic Designing as a side gig. They stay at the comfort of their home and advertise their skill via twitter and Facebook.

They are not short of clients as people are always on the move requesting for new card design, new graphic design on their site or blog. Some graphic design get paid as high as N40,000 per job, depending on the complexity of the job, and they get these job on a weekly basis.

17. Closely related to graphic designing is a side gig that also deploys computer savvy skills. Programmers have become hot commodity on the internet and they are not so many in Nigeria. Unfortunately, one can learn the ropes to becoming a world class programmer free of charge from the internet via YouTube.

18. A brand new side gig that can make one forget recession for a while is making the buzz on the internet. For those who are Youtube enthusiats, they must have heard about youtube Vloggers. These are professionals who make decent income from just posting youtube videos on their partners youtube channels and get paid as high as N100,000 monthly. All that is required for one to tap into this awesome side gig is to sign up freely with a partner program and start uploading quality videos on youtube.

19. Those who are good in English and can communicate effectively can find joy, wealth and steady income stream from becoming social media manager to companies, firms and celebrities that need publicity. A social media manager simply manages the twitter, facebook, Linkedin and Instagram account of his client. They respond to messages and post updates on a daily basis. They get paid handsomely, and the job is a part time job that can be combined with your regular daily job and yet fetch you good income.

20. The internet has bridged the barriers and linked cities across continent within the last two decades. This has given birth to new side gig like Virtual assistant. A virtual assistant like the name implies simply assist his/her client remotely in carrying out specific task and projects without leaving the comfort of his room. With a laptop and a good mobile phone with data, you are set to go. Virtual assistant earn more than $12 hourly depending on the client involved. The most important aspect of the job is to be available 24/7 to take order and accomplish a specific task.

21. When I was younger, I used to love French language so much, because the teacher  taught us songs in French. It was a nostalgic feeling and the memories still linger till date. If I knew French language could fetch me good income, I would have pursued it more fervently, but it was just a lovely experience. Language translators are not only good in interpreting the various languages they are familiar with into English, but they are also well paid. French, Italian, Germans and Spanish authorities usually make use of language translators for conferences, seminars and business meetings. The take home of an average language translators earn dependent on the status of the client and is negotiable.



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