Fast ways of making money this Christmas

I was driving back home two days back when I suddenly overheard beautiful Christmas carol song coming from a musical shop by the road side. It never dawned on me before then that Christmas was drawing so near. I quickly checked the calendar and  I discovered that Christmas was barely two weeks from today.

Fast ways of making money this Christmas
Fast ways of making money this Christmas

The realization of celebrating this popular Christian festival usually comes with some financial commitment and decisions to be made by most Nigerians who tend to glory in the festivities of the yuletide. As an entrepreneur, my thoughts quickly went to how one can monetize and tap into the business aspects of Christmas by making fast money within this festive period.

  • The first thing that came to my consciousness was selling of children wears like shoes, clothing and accessories like wrist watches and fancy Christmas caps and bangles. It’s a lucrative business that one can start with a minimum capital and the returns are encouraging. Virtually all household in Nigeria usually arrange for Christmas clothing for their kids, and this year Christmas will not be an exception, as most markers in children wears are guaranteed high patronage from low, middle to high class clients.
  • One of the most popular foods on the menu of average Nigerians this festive season is rice. It is not only a staple food, but the favorites of most family during the festive season. Selling foodstuffs like rice, chicken, turkey, cow meat, salad, tomatoes, groundnut oil can really add some extra income to ones financial portfolio this yuletide season. A bag of rice cost an average of N17,000 – N24,000 depending on brand and location. Lots of traders make brisk money selling at either wholesale or retail. Chicken, turkey and cow meat are not left out among the much sought after items on the purchase list of most families. The food industry is one the fastest growing industries in Nigeria with virtually enough market available at both the local and foreign front. The secret to maximizing profit for those who intend to do this business during the Christmas season is to source for the items from traders rather than from market women. The price difference goes as high as 20% and one can even get a better deal if one has a network of sources to get these items direct.
  • Farmers usually have multiple clients who tend to book down items in advance and even make down payments for some of their farm produce. Do well to ensure that you make provision for these items to be fresh and ready for picking when needed.
  • Walking into one of the new generation banks last week was fun but chaotic. Everywhere was filled to the brim with eager customers trying to make withdrawals from ATM machines and from the counter inside the banking hall. One significant change I observe in the midst of these tensed atmosphere was the Christmas decorations and fresh paintings that adorned the outside and interior of the bank hall. It gave the entire building a brand new look. I quickly noted the opportunity that can be utilized in the sales of gift items/decorations during this festive season.
  • Most supermarkets are already packaging gift items in hampers and beautifully designed baskets. They are also selling Christmas trees and decorations. These items can fetch one some cool money if purchased in bulks at wholesale prices from Onitsha or Lagos. The standard items in most of the Christmas hampers are usually normal food items like Milo, Bournvita, Milk, wine, sardine etc. Prices vary as low as N10,000 to as high as N50,000 depending on the content of each hamper and the location of the shop.
  • Last Sunday while I was in church, my son Andre noticed a huge Father Christmas toy that was dancing beside the altar. He was obviously interested and at the same time curious about the dancing toy. I quickly promised to take him to one of the Father Christmas party/shows. He was happy and excited with the prospect of seeing a real Father Christmas later in the month. In most major cities and organizations or even churches, organizing Father Christmas show is usually a lucrative income stream. The organizers usually collect a little gate fee from parents and children ad in return give gift items to the children with an opportunity to take a picture with Father Christmas.
  • One common feature in most festive seasons is to exciting loud noise from firecrackers at every nooks and crannies in most streets. Children and even adults derive huge pleasure from throwing these firecrackers to the sky where they explode into a wall of different colors and patterns. The sales of firecrackers are always a huge money spinner, but it comes with a caveat. Security operatives usually go in search of sellers, as they deem these firecrackers as a security risk in Nigeria due to its explosive nature. Despite this clause, people still make brisk business with the sale of firecrackers. This comes in different colors and sizes, with the least going for N400 and huge firecrackers going for as high as N2500 per piece. China is the highest producers of firecrackers in the world and most wholesalers in Nigeria usually get their products directly from China and sell to small retailers.  Miss Endurance a business woman based in Abuja, Nigeria revealed a little secret about this business. She confirmed that most traders buy these firecrackers in large quantities few months before Christmas to avoid price hike and store same in much secured place to avoid risk of explosion. Some go as far as travelling outside the shore of the country to import these explosives all in a bid to maximize profit. She gave a practical example of the profit margin by stating that one can invest N50, 000 on the firecracker business and makes N100, 000 daily. This is due to the huge demands for this fun item.
  • My visit to the bank last week opened my eyes to another business opportunity that can be exploited this yuletide season. I spent more than 2 hours queuing up to withdraw just N17, 000 at the ATM Machine. It was really frustrating and at the same time revealing, because I became really interested in the prospect of coming up with a Mobile banking Agent business within my area. This will no doubt be a solution to the ever increasing stress associated with those going to the bank during this festive period.  The profit margin comes from paying a little commission for each transaction you make. The items needed is just a (Point of sale Terminal) POS machine that is linked to all banks in the country. A Point of Sale machine is simply a device that permits the holder of a debit card to make payments for goods and services in either retail or wholesale environment. It can also be referred to as the Point of Service, because it doesn’t have to be payment for products, but also for services rendered. The juicy part of the Mobile banking Agent business is that you don’t pay a dime to acquire the POS Machine. It’s absolutely free of charge! However you will be expected to remit a little percentage for every transaction you make via the POS Machine. Ensure you check your bank to know the charge par transaction before applying for a POS Machine.

After filling the necessary forms at your bank and ensuring you have a stand by generator to power the POS machine, you will need to wait for two weeks before you take delivery of your POS Machine and start making profit as a Mobile banking Agent.

Diligently review the above business options and see which of them will be suitable for you to deploy this Christmas. Consider the cost implication and the items needed to run the business successfully before committing any fund into it. Wishing every prospective investors a Merry Christmas in advance.


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