These jobs do not need a CV in Nigeria
These jobs do not need a CV in Nigeria

You don’t need a CV for these jobs in Nigeria

An erroneous belief in Nigeria is that a well structured CV will land one a dream job. While this may be true to an extent, it must be discarded with, because I have come across guys with awesome resumes and intimidating credentials roaming the streets of Nigeria in search of just any job to keep soul and body together.


The fact we must all come to grips with is that not everyone might have the distinct privilege of strolling round the four walls of a University, polytechnic or College of Education. Credentials don’t give one a successful life. What one needs to succeed in life is a dogged determination, focus and a specialized skill to back it up.

There are thousands of jobs available in the employment market that will give one a decent income which

These jobs do not need a CV in Nigeria
These jobs do not need a CV in Nigeria

would not demand for a CV before one is employed and starts making a steady income. The earning potential of any job is directly proportional to the skill level associated with it. The higher the skill level needed to accomplish a particular job, the higher the earning potential.


Shehu Abdullahi is a household name in Nigeria who earns his living playing football with the Cypriot side Anorthosis Famagusta. He presently takes home monthly allowance in excess of $6,000 which if converted in Naira will amount to N2.1 million (present conversion rate). This is exclusive of match bonuses and other performance related bonuses. The 24 years old who started his career with Plateau United of Jos before moving over to Kano Pillars of Kano is living his dreams and never required a CV to start his career. All he needed was the skills and patience to succeed in life. He was determined to make it in the midst of thousands who came for screening exercise in 2011.

Today there are thousands of footballers scattered across the country and beyond making a decent living in their chosen career. They earn their living, not with credentials, but with their skills and talent. Some of the poorest individuals on earth have been privileged to pull their families out from the poverty bracket via the round leather game.

Sales and Marketing

Each day, new products and services are churned out by companies in Nigeria. These products are usually launched in major cities and part of the sales strategies is to have sales teams in some densely populated cities carry out massive sales of these products through road shows and other live events in major markets and city squares. They need sales reps to do the marketing of these newly launched products. No CV or credentials are needed for these sales reps who are usually boys and girls in their 20’s. They are paid on commission basis or placed on salary. Their package may not be fantastic, but it can put food on their table and act as a springboard for to them achieve their dreams in life.

Boldness, perseverance, passion and a good communication skill is all that is required for one to join the sales reps train in Nigeria. You don’t have to be beautiful or handsome or possess a retinue of degrees and colorful CV to be recruited.


I have never seen any caterer or chef being asked or requested to submit a CV or credentials before he or she is employed either part time or full time by a company unless they just want to be thorough. They don’t need to produce a CV to be employed. What they need to produce are delicious meals that can wow customers and increase sales for the company. Having a degree from the University may not be an advantage if an individual’s cooking skill is not up to standard. These skills are not learnt from the four walls of the University, but from the kitchen .

The average caterer/chef may not be earning up to N500,000 monthly, but some earn decent pay especially if they are lucky to be working in 5 star hotels or big companies. The job is a flexible one as caterers/ chefs can shuttle more than one company to ply their trade and even increase their earning potential.


Refrigeration and Air conditioning repairs

I recently increased my skill base when I went for a three months training program in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning repairs and installation. It was an awesome experience as I came across customers some who are millionaires and others who were barely struggling to survive. The rate of getting jobs from clients was so high that meeting up with schedule was a herculean task.

An average refrigeration/ Air conditioner technician does not need a CV to get a job. You just have to be good to get that plump job. My boss who trained us in the Refrigeration/Air conditioning repairs and installation had an opportunity to work with Seplat Petroleum Development Company. He didn’t present his CV before he was employed. He showed what he was capable of doing via his skills and years of experience. He earned more than N100,000 monthly and till date, his take home from this awesome skill has helped him sponsor his children to the University.

Motivational Speakers

Your words have power to impact positively the life of those in desperate need of inspiration. The world today is in dire need of motivation and those who have succeeded in life and can share their story in whatever language of their choice can make decent incomes weekly. Motivational speaking may not have gained so much ground in Nigeria, but lots of guys have created huge income stream from this lovable business. Some motivational speakers are not graduates; neither do they have streams of credentials before they are booked to speak in seminars, workshops and conferences.

Motivational speaking is all about your ability to share a soul stirring story of hope, courage and a willingness to pursue your dreams against all odds. A company doesn’t care to know how many degrees you have before contracting you to motivate their staff. What they need is results and passion and fire to drive up productivity in their supply chain network.



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