Four Mistakes That Can Prevent You from Getting a Job

Finding a good job is tough. You have to send out dozens of resumes, stay connected with your network, say the right things and then pray really hard that the interviewer likes you enough to score an interview. But yet sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still aren’t employed. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that could be why.

  1. Having a Bad Attitude During the Interview

No matter what happened to you immediately before the interview, and no matter how tiring your job search has been, don’t come to the interview with a bad attitude. No one wants to work with someone who is always complaining. Your interviewer cares about your skills, but he or she also needs to work with someone who won’t negatively affect team morale. You want to be as uplifted and as focused as possible. So get rid of the negative voices before entering for the interview.

You wont get any job with these 4 mistakes
You wont get any job with these 4 mistakes
  1. Being Unprepared

Before you go to your interview, make sure you take care of the basics. Although it is good to wear a corporate outfit for the interview, that alone is not enough. You need to at the very least know some information about the company as well as a few things about your interviewer, such as his or her work experience. It is as simple as doing an internet search. It only takes a few minutes to look this information up on the corporate web page. You can also look them up on LinkedIn. Prepare questions about the role and the company ahead of time and ask intelligent, relevant questions during the interview

  1. Not attaching enough attention to Phone Interview

Today, many employers conduct a series of phone interviews before inviting candidates to meet in person.  Don’t take the phone interview lightly. Your success or failure during this could determine whether you are granted a face-to-face interview. Just because the interview is over the phone doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. Do your best to sound enthusiastic and do enough research so that you can ask and answer a variety of questions.

  1. Not taking time to read the Job Description

Applying blindly to every job you see won’t get you anywhere. Take time to thoroughly review the job description so you can know and think about how your skills match what the employer is requesting from candidates. Analyzing the description and reviewing how you can deliver on the employer’s request may help you not only sell yourself but also answer tough questions during the interview. Prepared candidates review the job description and make notes about what portions of their experience are transferable to the role they are applying for. Those notes may or may not come up in the interview, but it helps to be prepared. If there is any part of your experience that isn’t immediately obvious in the resume, but is highly relevant, make a note of that so you can bring it up organically during the interview

Hence, if your job hunt has been taking longer than usual and your search seems to be leading from one dead end to another, now you know some reasons why.


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