6 indications that you’re about to be fired
6 indications that you’re about to be fired

6 Indications that You’re about to lose your job

During this economic meltdown, being laid off can be a traumatic experience. It can’t be prevented but you may be able to predict a layoff through some careful observation. Having a good idea of when your time is up can help you prepare for the future. While some may say that getting laid off and getting fired are the same, there are some subtle differences. Here are a few signs you won’t be at your current job very long.

  • There have been layoff rumors. Most of the time, layoff rumors are true. Even if your boss says your job is safe, pay attention to potential signs that it will be time to clear out your desk. Actions usually speak a lot louder than words when it comes to layoffs. Lack of eye contact, whispers from co-workers that cease when you are nearby, or any unusual behavior should be taken into account.
  • The company has gone undergone a major reorganization or buyout. If your company has been reorganized or taken over by another company, this should be cause for concern. When it comes to a company buyout, chances are that the new mangers will replace you with their employees. “While the word is always that staff will be minimally affected, you should always expect layoffsto result from this type of activity,” said Randall S. Hansen, founder of Quintessential Careers.
  • You get demoted or transferred. If you were asked to take on a new role that has significantly less responsibility than your current role, this isn’t a good sign. If you find that you have an abundance of free time during the work day, it just might be time to start dusting off your resume. Idle time is never a good thing when it comes to work.
  • An important project was put on hold. If you were working on major project, but you were pulled off the team at the last minute, this could be an indication you’re about to be chopped off the organizational chart. When high-profile projects come to a halt or you’re asked to stop working with the team, you may want to start looking for a new job. According to Larry Buhl, In prosperous times, businesses are awash in initiatives for growth. In leaner times, they hunker down and return to basics by focusing on what is guaranteed to bring in revenue now, rather than looking to the future.
  • Human Resources are having closed door meetings with your boss. While this may not be a sign by itself, if you’ve noticed many of the other signs in addition to this one, it’s a pretty good indication that something isn’t right. If you notice that the human resource managers and your boss have trouble making eye contact with you after that meeting, you may have your answer.
6 indications that you’re about to be fired
6 indications that you’re about to be fired
  • Your gut instinct. Sometimes you just know. Your gut is likely telling you that you’re next. Instead of ignoring that inner voice, make some plans now to prepare for your future. Don’t assume that everything will just work itself out. Lack of planning will come back to bite you. One of the first things you need to do is make sure your emergency savings fund is healthy. If it isn’t, do what you can to stash away as much cash as you can while you’re still receiving regular paychecks. Also, take time to go over your resume, and update it to reflect your most recent accomplishments.


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